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Carlos as blackjack assassin

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Back in the 80's and 90's , the worldwide intelligence community was focused on catching a paid-for-assassin, code named Carlos

It was rumored that Carlos traveled the world over to "eliminate" the competition .

Was "Carlos" for real?

Or, was he an Urban Legend?

Pretty sure that our "BTC Carlos" is NOT an Urban Legend, but is, in fact, a real knowledgeable Blackjack Player, trained in the art of "killing the casino" with his experience with NBJ, WBJ, study of the game, over-the-top playing experience , and even Team Blackjack

So I thought I would organize a meet-and-greet at a place of Carlos' choosing, whether in Canada or USA, where we play side-by-side Blackjack and Baccarat.

He is a highly skilled operative at Blackjack, and I think I am skilled at Baccarat, even if neither of us appears on any casino's "hit lists"

My proposal is letting Carlos pick the dates, and we will travel to meet up with each other wherever he thinks is best, and we spend a few days playing Blackjack and Baccarat together...each of us learning from one-another, and playing side-by-side at a casino ( or casinos) of his choosing

Carlos, does this make sense for you?



Hope we can get this going and share as BTC Friends With Benefits



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