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MDB+ Bac with Continuous Shuffle Machine

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Hi Ellis,

I think you have wondered whether MDB+ (betting against 5 in a row)

would work on anything but pre-shuffled cards.

On Sunday I played 146 hands (roughly 2 shoes) on a Continuous

Shuffle Machine. Just to make sure we all understand what I mean,

its the one where the cards from each hand go immediately back

into the deck after each hand is played.

The table plays with 8 decks, but I do not know whether the cards

were prepared in any way before they went in the machine. They were

neither shuffled or washed by the dealer.

I entered the game at the start of the day when the table opened.

Here is the outcome, broken down into 20's where possible









Note the (11) is eleven in a row

To me the game seems to change character after about after the

9 in a row. Whether that's normal or due to the continuous shuffle

I am not sure.

Anyway that's the way the cards fell. I would be interested in your

comments as I will go back another day when the table opens to

see if the game has a similar character


Paul (New Zealand)

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