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Preshuffled cards

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Hi guys,

This may be a silly question, but after having read through posts from the last 6+ months! I'm suddenly confused about what preshuffled cards are.

At my local casinos, the morning preps have dealers spend 10-15 minutes shuffling every 6 or 8 deck batch of cards. Shuffle includes washing, pitching cards all over the table, riffling and cuts. Every table gets 2 batches. Every batch is run through the respective shuffle master before loaded into the shoe.

Would this qualify as a preshuffled cards? I had always assumed that preshuffled cards were considered those where individual decks came preshuffled from the factory, but I've read a few posts that insinuate that there are casinos that load brand new, sorted decks into the shuffle machine - which if find bizarre.

Are these shoes more conducive to NOR or MDB?


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