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Angel Pre-shuffled Cards Touch baccarat success update

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Hi all

I have now played 7 shoes since my local casino switched to Japanese made,

Angel brand pre-shuffled baccarat shoes, in an 8 deck touch game.

In those 7 shoes I have played only MDB+ according to Ellis's original rules.

I have made one small modification (as suggested by way2fast) that I do not

play anything to do with 2's until I see a 2 and a 3 in the shoe. Only then I

start my betting.

Using those criteria, over the 7 shoes I am +25 units.

Interestingly, 22 of the 25 winning bets came in the first bet of the 3 step

progression, the other 3 came in the 3rd bet of the progression.

In other words, 22 of 25 bets won at the first attempt.

MDB+ is the real deal, nothing surer than that



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Hi Pando,

That's great its working out with you. You see that's why I have been asking way2fast regarding how he

looks at the triggers then just playing the triggers... I think way2fast has the key to all this because not only

has he been a member for some time now he is actually out there putting in work playing MDB+.. You can just go up

to a tote board and look for triggers but its not as easy as that even if its close to random for ideal MDB+ play.. Way2fast

looks for certain events to happen in order to play certain triggers.. That's the key.. If way2fast can tell us all the things he looks

for when playing MDB+ that will help us all.. So far he mentions that he would not play a 3 iar going to a 4 if its at the 3rd column is believe

and he will not play 2 iar going to 3 until he see's the first 3.. Very important information here..

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Hi everyone

I really struggled with the shoes this weekend

Here is a typical example





I set my MDB+ trigger to be that I would not play until I saw a

2 and a 3 in the shoe - that took until the last quarter of the shoe

to get a single 3, and after that there were no MDB+ triggers

In fact the only bet I had was where there is the 2221 sequence starting

at the end of the second row, where I bet the 1 would stay 1.

In retrospect the only thing I could have done was to bet that all the 2's

stayed 2 and would not go to 3 - but that is not MDB+

Hopefully the shoes will be different next time

I came out 1 unit ahead in the shoe, by no means a disaster but these shoes

give me a headache.



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