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Well, Tsen, we don't actually have a system called U3H1/U1Hi.

U2hi is being replaced by SAP/RSAP but we've just begun that discussion.

We recommend NOR for online play because you are playing against regular cards.

Your shoe is a typical S40 shoe because of High 1's and 2s. The early 3 puts you in Mode 3.

So does the + favoring OR count. You should be seeing that at a glance.

1's are normally 1 every 4 plays but you have 4 in the first 9 plays.

2s are normally 1 every 8 plays but you have 2 in the first 11 plays.

Your 3s are also high putting you in Mode 3. Also your OR count has only one minus sign.

A + favoring OR count also favors Mode 3.

So I played it S40 M3 U1D2 by the book.

The ONLY thing S40 M3 doesn't like is 4s but your shoe doesn't have any so you score exceptionally high


Tsen, note that you are in Mode 3 so at play 27 you only stay OTR (on the run) for ONE play.

Since it was such a great shoe I could have bet U1D2M2 (Mandatory 2) and scored a little higher.

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