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Seems almost impossible.

Some might say irresponsible.


Where, oh where are You tonight?

( look up the song!!!!...fill in the blanks..it will be obvious)

We are, many of us, having a " hard time" breaking away from NOR.

Not sure why he abandoned it in the first place.

Not sure why Stephen is readying to deliver the " sermon-on-the mount" ( about NOR) ...) the sermon..you can...look. it. Up.

Unless Ellis was ready , unless he was back, and ready to take MDB+++++ , 2 ( or is it 3?) HI, and put Baccarat Humpty Dumpty back together again

Plain and simple...it's a HardHabit2Break. ( Chicago)

Just imagine ( John Lennon) we could put all these systems, and betting progressions...up, down, sideways ...into one, with NOR as the backbone. listen to the song...you will ' get it', and why it is about baccarat, as much as....

Pandora's box, if you get my drift.

Or maybe "THE HolyGrail", without the T-Shirt...

But can he? ( YES, he can)

And will he? ( hmmmmmmn...)

Does he even want to? ( the $64 question...)

And if he doesn't, then we have to.

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