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Important Message for new Members

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Hi and welcome all new members

I just want to relate my personal experience of what I learned and achieved

in my 8 months since I became a full member at BTC.

I had never played baccarat until September last year. I decided to give it a shot,

practised on line, but really got nowhere except backwards. All I learned were the

rules of the game.

Then I joined BTC as basic member.

This gave me an insight into NOR, the basis of how to play this game properly, but it is

only an insight. The real information is gained by becoming a full member and getting full

access to the various seminars run by Ellis, Keith and Steve, the manuals, and by the vital

feedback and information from other players, serious players.

Once I understood NOR, I understood that each casino is different, and you have to

adapt your play accordingly. You cannot do this if your are only a basic member as

you simply do not have the tools to do so.

Then along came MDB+. This is simply the BEST EVER method to play factory produced

pre-shuffled shoes (touch game). It achieves a hit rate of over 90% for the various bets

that can be made. In my case I have made one bet 46 times and (just like some

other players who say the same), it has never lost a 3 step progression. Staggering.

I proved the effectiveness of MDB+ on a trip to Macau 3 weeks ago. One day I won

13 consecutive bets on a HK$500 table, the next day 8 straight (I quit on the first

loss both times). I did not play until I understood the shoes and found the right

tables on the night (BTC full membership teaches you how to do this).

This success is not a fluke - it requires hard work, practice, mental agility, dedication,

BUT you need to be a full member to get the best of the experience of all of the team

at BTC and the input of some highly successful players.

I know for a fact that without BTC, you will inevitably loose at the same rate as everyone

else, a rate which is much higher than it statistically should be. The casinos have the

average player over a barrel - being an average player is nowhere good enough.

So I suggest that if you, like I was, are somewhat unsure, believe me when I say its the best

investment in the game you could ever make. I got my money back within a couple

of months and have progressed from playing $10 units to now playing $100 units.

My target is 1 million dollars.

I don't always win large amounts, but rather a steady and planned progression of wins

aiming towards being as successful as some other BTC players who have passed the

1 million dollar profit mark. The bets are fewer but targeted, the hit rate very high.

If you try and play without all of the tools available you will never succeed, its as

simple as that. Losing is not fun, been there, done that.

I don't work for BTC (other than make my contributions to the forum), nor do I get

or want any commission for writing this, but I feel it is important to let you all know that if

you are not a full member then you are missing something special.

In this world the only thing you get for nothing is nothing. You owe it to yourself to

become a full member and enjoy the success I and others have had.

Only if you want to be a serious player that is .............................



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