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When the student is ready, the Teachers are here

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For anyone that is considering becoming a member here, you must first be ready to LEARN.  

The information and Teachers here, will literally build you from the ground up.  IF.....you are ready to learn.

You will need to read, study, practice, and work hard.  You won't learn everything you need to know in a month.  

The student needs to commit, and it isn't about the cost.  It is about what it will cost you if you don't.

For every single penny you spend here, if you are a student and ready to learn, your return will get you the baccarat and blackjack, etc, education, knowledge and skills of a literal lifetime, along with a great community of people that are highly dedicated and skilled in the basics, intermediate, and highly successful professionals.  

I am a student here, and there is a gold mine waiting for you here......if you want to be a student, learn, and you are ready.....DO IT NOW !!!

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