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Baccarat Shoe of the Week 12.4.2016

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Your video illustrated great way(s) to illustrate/evaluate "potential win rate"  using various " betting progressions"

But just one shoe...

Is there any empirical evidence over all shoes posted so far, THE HIGHEST AND BEST WIN RATE/ and PLAYER ADVANTAGE RATE ( playing every shoe as loaded/posted) ?

Not just this shoe, Not just that shoe...

No, in their totality, all shoes posted...what " seems " the best " progression to use?

Enquiring Minds want to know...

( and thinking Pompano Mike has the answer ready at the push of a button)...One of the most important metrics for Stats for Profit!


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Hi Kachatz this is what we have been trying to get players to realize it already can run queries on multiple shoes by Casino ,  player, random and more and select the system you want to play.  Below is how OTB4l performs on the shoes from the Seminole Hard Rock.  That functionality is available to any one who logs into SFPs.











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