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How Do U PlayThis Shoe?

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7 years on this forum, and peeps still asking " How would U play this Shoe?"

     - the emphasis on " U "

Seems nobody,ever, ever wants to show how they played it first....they just want to complain they could not " win it/figure it out"

     - what about YOUR results?  

     - the system YOU used?

     - the betting progression YOU  did/ or did not use?

     - knowing what you now know of the shoe results, WHAT WOULD /COULD U have done different?


Its EZ to play a shoe in one's " rear view mirror"

But how in the heck does that help ANYBODY (!?) play the next shoe, hand by hand, when all the results are only unfolding, hand-by-hand....NOT THE WHOLE SHOE ( before you begin play...)

Thing is...

(they don't)

Sooooooooo much info this forum how-to-approach/adjust-to/ play a shoe

BUT, who will do "the work" to learn this stuff?

Far easier to ask somebody, after the fact, " how would you have played this shoe?" ....when you can see right-in-front of you, all the end results????

     - Yeah, I played to +3, -12, or +60

Thinking that really "don't feed the bulldog" for next time you go into casino, and face a new set of circumstances all over again...

     - Please. Learn, then Earn.


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