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Glossary of terms & abbreviations

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event: 1 in a row, 2iars, 3iars, 4iars etc.

 Self Adjusting Progression. A count of events weighted according to their normal frequency of occurrence.

Normal frequency of events: (50% Rule)1's = 1 every 4 plays
2s = 1 every 8 plays
3s = 1 every 16 plays
4s = 1 every 32 plays
5s = 1 every 64 plays
6s = 1 every 2 shoes
7s = 1 every 4 shoes
8s = 1 every 8 shoes, etc

 ZZ runs counted correctly occur at the same frequencies

 Basic System 40. Bets a 1,2 prog on opposites. When we lose this prog we bet 0 on the run.

 betting progression up as you lose.

 when the opposite side wins relative to the prior play.

 When the same side "repeats".

 Basic Opposite the Time Before Last. Bets an opposite will follow a repeat and a repeat will follow an opposite.

 Basic System 40 Mode 1. Goes OTR with a 0 bet after ONE losing bet instead of two.

 or ST: A Straight run (BBBBB) 

OTR: On The Run

 Against The Run

 ZigZag run (PBPBPB)

TT run or TTs:
 Terrible Twos BB PP BB PP

2 Hi:
 Highest bet is 2 units

 2 in a rows

MM Strategy: Money Management

 Most Common Refers to which event is occurring the most relative to its normal frequency

LC: Least Common

Some of these terms are pre NOR and therefore no longer taught. Some are MDB which is a shortcut version of NOR which we also no longer teach because NOR performs better. And some are still valid and used with NOR.

"Half decade cash Mgt" is highly valid particularly when betting U1D2.

It means that in the 4th col of 20 plays we don't make a bet that could take us below the half decade we are in at the top of the 4th col.

For instance, lets say that at the top of the 4th col our score is 21. That is within the half decade of 20 to 25.

Therefore we don't make a bet that could take us below 20. We quit the shoe. And if we get to 25, we quit.

Half decades are simply counting by 5: 5 10 15 20 25 30.

With ALL of the systems we teach, we apply half decade cash mgt because it has proven itself over many years.

Also it it not always the 4th col because we often start play mid shoe. But it is always the last col of the shoe at hand.

For instance if we started a shoe at play 40 we would apply half decade cash mgt at play 60 - the top of the second col.

And there is no rule that says you can't start cash mgt sooner.

The fact is that if all Bac players applied half decade cash mgt, casino profits would be slashed. See that?

Suppose you arive at the top of the last col at a score of -5. That's it. You're done. Because any bet could take you below the half decade of -5- 0.

If you were to continue such a shoe, like most players would, you'll likely end up far worse than -5. BECAUSE, you haven't yet discovered how best to play that shoe. Your score proves that.

Half decade cash mgt is plain common sense - something most Bac players are lacking.

Look, the true odds of the game are 50/50 less commission. Commission amounts to only 1.25% of the money you bet.

Commission only accounts for about 2 or 3% of casino Bac profits which run anywhere from 15 to 30% of the drop depending on which casino you are looking at and when. The rest of casino profits depend on player stupidity in a 50/50 game. If it wasn't for player stupidity, casinos could not afford to deal Baccarat.

If all Bac players applied half decade cash mgt to the entire game - meaning they can't go below -5 - meaning their avg losing shoe is about -4, casinos would stop dealing Baccarat and declare it non-profitable.

This is why BTC trained players keep such a tight stop loss - why we teach that way.

The fact is that if ALL Bac players applied disciplined BTC cash mgt - there would be no Baccarat. Casinos can't survive on 4 or 5% of the drop.

BTW in the late '80s - early '90s all of AC and Vegas casinos - in other words all of the US -

casino bac profits averaged 6% of the drop every single month.

Then they quickly grew to anywhere from 15 to 30%.

How did THAT happen? There was NO change in the rules.

Either the players got dumber or the casinos got smarter - or both. You decide.

But if all the players had been practicing strict BTC half decade cash mgt.....

Are you beginning to see why we teach it?

So, for new BTC members, their First objective is to cut their losses - big time.

Then their second objective is to learn how to make profit on the game.

Look, the players didn't get dumber. They were already as dumb as you can get back in the late '80s.

What happened is the casinos got smarter. They applied their BJ logic to Baccarat and induced biases with their Bac card prep.

In general players bet AGAINST biases so casino profits rose from 6% to 15% and higher.

That is why I said at the very beginning - "players play BACKWARDS". They bet against biases instead of WITH them.

NOR teaches you how to play WITH a bias - ANY bias - rather than against it. 

There are basically FOUR biases casinos produce with their card prep with REGULAR cards.

BTW, regular cards are cards that origionally came to the table in 8 sealed, box card order decks.

The 4 biases are CHOP, Neutral, Streak and SS (Strong Side) BTW "NU" = Neutral 

Chop = S40
Neutral = OTB4L
Streak = TB4L
SS = F (Follow the shoe)

F2 - You bet the side that had the most recent TWO iar (in a row) (Follow the 2)
F3 - You bet the side that had the most recent THREE iar

Either way, if the shoe ends up with a Strong Side - you win! BUT, if not - you lose.

THAT is why I say before deciding on F, you want to see at least a 2 to 1 favoratism.

We only see SS shoes with regular cards - never with factory preshuffled cards.

So you never get the opportunity to play F in Vegas, well, except for Flamingo (they went back to regular cards).


NOR is the best way ever devised to play reguler cards - bar none! - and always will be! 

So... The casinos came up with factory preshuffled cards to defeat NOR - which it pretty much DOES.

Therefore, I came up with MDB+ which beats Vegas factory preshuffled cards with performance better than any gambling system - ever!

a 96% shoe win rate! Nothing in gambling will ever top THAT!

But also nothing will ever top NOR's performance against REGULAR cards. NOTHING - EVER!

And most of the US is still regular cards except for Vegas and a few local casinos. AC has BOTH!.


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