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A question on MDB+ Way2Fast rules

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Hi everybody,  I am a NOR member since 2012 and just arrived to this forum.

On Way2Fast  Rule#  On this outcome  2 6 4 1 5 (3)  are the 6 and five considered 4s ? They had been 4 to reach 6 and 5. Or they has to be exactly 4 to be considered  on the 4 4 4 trigger?

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On some rules we have played 4 or mores on others we have played confirmed 4's and 3's or 2s for that matter. .

I always liked if I was betting a 4 was going to go to a 5 I want to see three 4s prior and and confirmed 4's in most cases. If you are betting the potential 3 is going to a 4 then you cannot use the 6 as a 4 is a subset of the 6. 

This would count as a 4 going to 5 situation 


This would not


Is that what you were asking?

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Yes. Thank you Sir. 

On P1242714(3)  meaning 3 on brackets is an unconfirmed, You bet first 3 stay 3 and if loses going to 4 , you place a Repeat betting is going to 5, right?

  On a 1 2 4 prog   is this second bet considered  2nd step betting 2 units, or just 1 and wait for the next (3) to bet 2 units  on opposites?

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Sorry, made  a mistake on your example.

What I mean was:

Prog 1 2 4

 P12424143 Bet opp 1 unit (3s stay 3s). If loses bet R ( 4 go to 5) . (1 or 2 Units?)

If 1 unit, on the next  3 you bet opp again 2 units. and if loses again R 2 units.




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