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Interview with Baccarat Professional Kachatz1

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Here is an interview with one of our best professional's on the upcoming master class on September 14th at 8 PM EST.  Sign up for a premium membership to join us.  Miss the first one no worries it is recorded and available in the premium professional's forum.  Sign up now to get this valuable information.  Dealer's are members shouldn't you be also?

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Get on board...If you ever hope to " Beat Baccarat" , YOU NEED TO KNOW THIS !

( what I am about to disclose...very, very few Dealers understand...and likely not a single Floor Manager, or Pit Boss)


whats most amazing to me?

( how few players have this figured out...) 


and P.S. ..

     - best advice I could give you?

      - before you even meet me?

(it's This:)

if you think $50 a month is too much for a membership to the absolute Best BAC forum ever existed?

                      - then, please do me a favor, and stay away from the baccarat tables!!!

                      - will save us both a lot of grief...

See you Thursday...and I wish you all the best...( whatever you decide)




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