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Get It. Win it. $100,000

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Lots of “wanna be” millionaires right here.

Everyone dreaming “TheDream”

                      -Or, would you settle for $20k per year?



Here’s how.

Right here, right now

No more dreams, no more “what if’s”

Plan your work, and work your plan.

( it’s staring you in the face)

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1) Find this site, and register for the Public Forum. ( if you are reading this, you are already there!)

2) Make a decision to join the Private Forum, and do it. ( I promise your new win-rate  will waaaaaay, waaaay more than compensate for the extremely moderate monthly fee!)

3) Read everything you can on-the-inside,  get serious, and learn to practice, practice, practice using Strategic Baccarat Interface.

                                      ( YOU ARE NOW ON THE CUSP OF A PERMANENT, SECOND INCOME FOR LIFE!!))

4) Take advantage of all of the tools, winning methodologies and actual casino play from committed, accomplished,  like-minded players from all over the world.

                                    -No exaggeration. Literally many, many 100’s of years of actual playing experience,

                                                                      ... right inside this forum...

5) Use this opportunity to create your own ‘Baccarat Golden Rule($) Book which you will follow, and call your own

                                                                          ( very, very important...)

 6) Enjoy your new-found abilities , and commit to sharing your experiences with others who are out their searching, or may even have crossed over to The Baccarat Winners’ Circle.

I’ve been here 8 short years. Thousands of shoes played all over the world.Millions of $$ wagered.


And I wish only ‘All The Best’ to you.

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I just wanted to know if there is a recommended plan or guide for new members who join the monthly subscription for the first time?

I think having a structured learning curve would be effective especially with the amount of various information out there.

Hence is there a particular technique you recommend starting with when joining the monthly subscription?



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With a stage name like “Messiah” , thinking soon you will be guiding the flock to unimited riches.

           - you really serious?

call me...850-687-3128

( I’ll give you the short-hand version )

           PS- There is no ‘ short hand ‘ version

But I will Share With You “ how I would start” ....

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