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I have gone through the 5D manual and several times and have one unanswered question of mine.

5D says any disparity of 6 or more takes precedence over other disparities.

Q: What if 2 disparities(Say O2, T3) are 6 or more? Which disparity takes precedence?




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Hey, MakBac

A couple of scenarios here...but let me say that O2 and T3 both showing disparity of >6 COULD/CAN/DOES HAPPEN...BUT NOT USUALLY AT THE SAME TIME/ THE SAME POINT IN THE SHOE....( just looked back at 34 shoes happen to be in my BAC drawer near the kitchen..., and not too often....especially at the same time within the shoe...see below)

That aside, let me answer your question. Q

GOOD...If O2 and T3 both rocking the shoe simultaneously, the next “ bet opportunity “ that comes along, and BOTH point to either a Player or Banker outcome, It’s a reasonably good “ flat-bet “ to make...

BETTER...If both >6 disparity , and all other disparity values relatively low compared to “6 or more” , I’d say go ahead and would make the bet whenever both of them agree on next “predicted P/B outcome “

BEST...” look back between the lines”...why has happened THE MOST LAST 5-10-15 hands? This is where one side takes precedence over the other...( example...you are lately experiencing long runs, versus a bunch of 2222’s)...go with the “ hot hand” 

Hope this helps.


The idea behind 5D is you are looking to make it possible for you to play multiple methodologies “ simultaneously”, but always with a focus toward towards searching for points in the shoe where the preponderance of evidence points you in one direction over another...


” Preponderance of Evidence”?

               - yup, I threw that one in just to make sure you’re still awake after that explanation?


850-687-3128 you want to discuss...

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  • 2 weeks later...

Dear Kelvin

I go through the 5D Manual and I tried a several shoes using SBI.

I noticed two issues. Makbac asked my first question about 2 disparities both > 6. 

I have another question. 

When one disparity > 6, say O2 = 13, suddenly a 5 or 6 in a row appear on the other side.

It is likely that O2 would indicate you to bet the wrong side for 3-4 rows before it will change side.


How can I avoid this situation when using 5D?




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Hey Gordon, 

There are many factors to consider, and if you would like to call me 850-687-3128 ( PST time zone) I will explain how to work your way through those things...specifically using 5D, or anything else you would like to discuss )

                 - I cannot give you a “ pat” answer here, as I know nothing else about the shoe...

( anyone who has ever called me about 5D always comes away with a much better understanding of not just 5D, but things which will help you improve your winning ratio as compared with total hands played)

Good luck, and hope you call...



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 Hi Kevin,

For instance How would you handle the below shoe.

I have a habit of storing my plays in my own Data base, so that I can refer later. I record the shoe and running counts as below (btc way)

P/B --> no of Player / no of banker

OR --> disparity of opposite and repeats. -ve indicating more repeats and +ve indicating opposites

OT --> disparity of OTB4L and TB4L. -ve indicating more TB4L and +ve indicating more OTDB4L

OOTT --> disparity between O3 and T3. -ve indicating more T3 and +ve indicating more O3

4D W --> Is outcome as indicated by 4D. Y(green) meaning yes and N(red) meaning No.

4D I --> What does 4D indicate next Outcome as. If its empty no bias found and next plays 4D W row will be empty.  This does not consider MDB.



 1) What is the ideal hand to start your first bet? Should we look at any pattern.

2) Like Gordon asked from Hand 31 to 36 4D bias was Banker but it ended up with 6 Players instead. Should we stop mid way seeing something?



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Hey, MacBac...or Baca...or ?

                            Lots  of good stuff here. Especially you play online.

unfortunately, I do not play on line and as have tried to repeatedly make clear here, living in Las Vegas, much more financially rewarding to go play than to spend my days on this kind of stuff ( analyzing spreadsheets)

Call me. Or, not..

Hoping you understand! ( more than willing to help you, best way I know how...)

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Hey Kevin,

You can call me Mac.

A small background about me.

I'm from India. I was living in LA for 3 years and started playing Baccarat last year and before I aced any thing in it, I had to come back to India. But I always have my love and passion for the game and that is why I joined BTC.  

We don't have Casinos in India :( to try my Baccarat skills. The only option I have is Online. I understand online play is more different as we need to take quick decisions. That is why I designed my own way of recording the shoe so that I can look at lots of stats b4 betting. 

Also I don't play online always, I have got My own program which stacks  8 deck of cards and shuffle them up in random logic and I play it. Later I review my play in the format I shared. The shoe I shared is from my program. Not to boast about my self, I'm a software Programmer. I try to use my skills to fullest to get better in baccarat.

Right now I'm practicing the different things I learned in BTC, in my own program.  

The reason I asked the question is we can't play any system mechanically as it will always have both winning streak and loosing streak. It all matters at what point we start our first move. 

Apart form that there is a huge time gap between India and PST so about making calls is not so easy. But will sure make a call to you as I fell in love with 5D ?.  

Looking forward to meet you and more BTC players is Macau next year. Yes I will for  sure make that trip, wanted to play real Baccarat.



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