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Keiths PodcastInterviewing Ron DiBenedetto on Precison Blackjack

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Interviewing Ron DiBennedeto on his Precision Blackjack Approach. See it at BeatTheCasino.com

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  • Forget System Sellers they just take your money, we teach you how to win by mentoring other players.  
  • No outlandish fees.
  • No systems,  we teach you all of the systems anyone has ever made.  

    All based on solid statistics.  There are no secret - holy grails just good common sense approach on how to win.. Join us now. 

Listen to the full Podcast

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  • Baccarat Hall of Fame Member

Nice Podcast...

          - Never tried/ looked at Precision Blackjack...but I am familiar with the concepts of card counting, Basic Strategy and “ clumping”. 

                              BUT, putting them all together? No worries, I have to buy a bigger toolbox( the earnings from which would most pay for my tuition, vs. trying to Beat The Casino on my own...)

Looking forward to Ron’s insight into the game, and I like the idea of him heading up a club focused on Blackjack ONLY...(sounds like he’s got some time-tested stuff could help me craft a side-gig in Blackjack!)


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