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Managing Winning Positions - Tasty Trade Stock Options and Baccarat

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I watch a lot of the Tasty Trade (TT) videos. If you haven't heard of them, it's a brokerage who teaches mechanical stock and options trading. There are a lot of correlations to baccarat. One in particular, Managing Winners is closely related to some things we suggest here at BTC, namely stop loss/wins but  this is just another way to state it. The most relevant Tasty Trade tenant to me, when cross referencing to baccarat, is Managing winners, the second most important to me is #2 below, the one my dad does with his trades. Hope this helps!

1. Managing winners (winning shoes) - One of the TT methods is managing winning trades to close (leave the shoe) at 50% profits outperforms holding to expiration (aka playing to the end of shoe trying to squeeze every last unit out of it).

     How does this apply to baccarat? If you are up units in a shoe, consider that closing the trade early (leaving the shoe), will, over time most likely out perform continuing to play. I haven't done the research into this in the baccarat world, but in the options world it's well studied, see the video below.

     Attempting to squeeze every last penny (unit) out of a stock option trade (baccarat shoe) opens the trader/player up to un-necessary risk. A profitable position can turn on a dime to un-profitable, so book that profit! 50% is their mark.

2. Book and remove the profits - My dad does something interesting with his stock option trades... books the profit, removes the funds from his trading account and buys groceries/gas/etc.  with the profits. Very wise in my opinion. Example: If you have already built a bankroll, say $1000 and you win $100.... withdraw it and put it in your non-betting bank account. If you don't have a "built" bankroll this is less relevant, but for most of us working stiffs, it's good practice to turn those short term profits into something tangible.

Here is a good video from Tasty Trade about managing winners. They've done TONS of simulation research on this in the stock option realm which, in one guys opinion, correlates well to baccarat. 



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