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So... I played the last 2 days, using the tools, and things did NOT go my way. As in, I patiently waited my turn, on a choppy 1iar shoe, saw that after every player natural 9, it jumped over to bank, placed a very large bet, and natural 9 repeated ( lost the bet). Switched shoes, saw a butterfly pattern starting to occur, waited 4 hands, sure enough, it was continuing the pattern, I place a bet( again, rather large), and it loses. Additionally, left that table, tried to catch another streak of 1 iar's, and as soon as I jump in, it repeats, and I lose. I can't figure out what I'm not seeing here. I'm tempted to start betting the opposite of what I actually think the outcome will be. Any suggestions are appreciated.

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Do you have a picture of the shoe would be a lot easier to see how things went? Also a few of us will be in Vegas this week if you happen to be in town.

On a choppy 1iar shoe, saw that after every player natural 9, it jumped over to bank, placed a very large bet, and natural 9 repeated ( lost the bet)

What does a choppy shoe look like to you ? When you say choppy shoe bias did you base it on the natural behaviors as you mentioned.

An OTB4l Shoe can be choppy also? 

What was the OR Count. 

How many 1 in a rows were there before you bet.

You have to to give us more information.  My feeling is you are thinking that because you see one indicator you think you should win the bet, it is a tendency.  If you bet 100 hands where you gain a 5% advantage you will win 5 more hands than you lost.  that means out of 100 hands you win 55 and lose 45 approximately. Less the vig thats up about $500 if you bet $100 Chips.  

Try to consider more variables.  Keep records of your play and take a snap shot of the shoe at least write down your bets and share.

Statistics work if you track them look at the app reviews that tracks many statistics

Guy wins every game he plays with the app and gives it 4 starts typical Italian @wolfat hahahha!!!


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K, sorry but i didn’t catch the joke…

anyway, another factor to keep in mind is the personal permanence: how is your hitting rate?

this could influence your outcomes a lot, no matter what you’re doing.

I check it after any played shoe, to see where I am. In many cases I know that losses are expected; my play becomes very tied and I wait for the situation starts coming back to normal.

IE, in this moment my HR is at 74% in the last 5 shoes: i’m waiting for it…

if instead your HR is normal, it just means that you’re facing a negative phase. my advice is to no change what you’re doing: things will turn, just don’t raise your bets, wait for the changing moment.


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