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But first define a loss. i.e. Is it when you blow your whole bank roll on one shoe? Over betting (losing bigger hands, and winning the small hands) and under betting (winning hands that are small, but losing bigger hand). I said the same thing twice.  Is it a bank roll issue. Is it a time issue. Not correctly identifying a trend. Or did you give profits back. 

What would make you leave the casino? A daily goal. Breaking even. Running out of funds to continue playing. 

Stadium Baccarat allows us to play 4 shoes at once in one seat. Identify the trend and play that shoe once the trend is done discontinue playing that shoe. While looking for the next opportunity to play.

Plus One gives a tracking betting progression to allow us to stay in the game longer with smaller bank rolls. 

      Pros:  This was made to last longer in a shoe if we play knowing a certain condition say a chop shoe we can win more if this shoe had more chop and win less if there were more 2,3, or 4 or more in a row. So anything that had a lot of repeats it would win less. 

     Cons: You had to have multiple wins in a row to close out a run to start the progression over. 

Methodology everyone here knows that there are so many 1iar, 2iar, 3iar and 4 or more in a row in a shoe. So with that every shoe makes a pattern or trend. 1iar makes up a chop trend a 2iar makes up TB4L or OTBL. 

When a shoe has a pattern or trend I call it a "GIFT" only if its TRUE I press on the progression until I break even. Once it becomes False I go back to the beginning of the progression. 

Self Discipline

There is no boss in this game. You have to be your own boss and make up your own rules. i.e. Saying in my head "If I win this hand I leave." or "If I lose this hand I leave."

Take this with a grain of salt. I hope your journey is as fruit full as mine. Good Luck.

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