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SBI + Derived Roads Practice Play

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At the seminar in Biloxi, we touched on how the use of the Strategic Baccarat Interface tool ( in Tools/ Manuals) is a great asset for playing practice games, and honing your bet decision making skills.

     - Many of our players know how to utilize it to their advantage, so am hoping those who don’t will ask! It is quite simple, and very valuable to understand…especially for those looking to improve their game.

KEITH - thinking you can best direct forum members by pointing out prior SBI- related threads, as well as any videos my have been made…

Also at the TACTICAL BACCARAT seminar, we spent quite a bit of time showing how utilizing the Baccarat GAME SPRING app could be used to help players better understand how the derived roads ‘develop’ ( from the BIG ROAD results ) as a shoe progresses…

     — an integral element to observing and understanding why the derived roads can be very beneficial as a ‘ tool’ to help players qualify which are the GOOD, BETTER & BEST BETS during actual game play…whether table, stadium or on-line.

Certainly as a practice tool, combining sessions and shoe studies from SBI, coupled with the use of the GAME SPRING app is a great way to move one’s skill set forward. ( there are likely other apps can do this as well…)


In any event, have been away from playing while on vacation last few weeks, and hoping others will see this thread and discuss their progress/ ask questions / seek help with getting in tune with how SBI + the Derived Roads can become one of their very own BBF’s ( BACCARAT BEST FRIENDS) 

Good luck to all….




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Get Familiar with the Tool: Spend time exploring the tool's interface and features. Discover where and how to access different functions, such as segregating shoes by player and casino. The more familiar you are with the tool, the more efficiently you'll be able to use it.

Understand the Formats: The tool provides both a vertical and horizontal format for data display. Understand how each format presents the data and how to switch between them. As BronxAl suggested, comparing these formats can provide valuable insights.

Segregate Shoes by Player and Casino: This feature allows you to focus on specific game scenarios, which can be incredibly beneficial for strategic analysis. Segregating shoes by player and casino can help you better understand patterns and tendencies specific to different contexts.

Enter and Track Your Own Games: One of the most valuable features of this tool is the ability to enter and track your own shoes. This can help you analyze your past games, identify mistakes or successful strategies, and monitor your progress over time.

Share and Discuss Shoes: Use the tool's sharing function to discuss specific shoes with other players. This can open up new perspectives on your strategies and allow you to gain insight from the experiences of others.

Analyze Data Regularly: Make it a habit to regularly review and analyze the data you collect. Over time, you may begin to notice patterns and trends that can guide your betting strategy.

Use the Tool Responsibly: Remember, while this tool can provide valuable insights, it should not be used as the sole basis for your betting decisions.

By understanding and effectively utilizing these features, you can greatly enhance your strategic approach to Baccarat. Remember, the tool is there to aid in decision-making, not to dictate your moves. Your judgment, experience, and understanding of the game are still crucial elements in your success.

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Any players having  information about, or links to Baccarat apps which include the derived roads …please post on this thread.

In the threads leading up to the presentation and discussions at the Tactical Baccarat Seminar, there are many shoe illustrations, discussions of strategy, and betting methodologies . Familiarizing yourself with the content of those threads would likely be of benefit.

      - Additionally, several BTC videos were recorded BEFORE the seminar explaining the analysis and various approaches for use of the derived roads

Finally, the 3 videos that Keith recorded at the seminar captured the essence of how the derived roads , along with other players insights as to how they play the game,  will go a long way towards expediting your understanding of the success enjoyed by various BTC members who have devised ‘ best practices’ to achieve their desired results.


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Hey, Keith-

At the seminar, I handed out 3 sets of documents to seminar participant members, each one of which contained links to some of the best video/written/YouTube reference material which Mookie had located for our earlier discussions on the derived roads ( last seminar we held in 2022 @ Artisan hotel in Las Vegas ) 

I went over the hi-lights of each, and in the interest of time, asked each seminar participant to watch/review them in-depth at their leisure/ as time allowed.

THE INFORMATION/EXAMPLES-OF-HOW-TO-USE the derived roads to a players advantage are intrinsic to this thread.

And, more importantly, they will help those on the forum see why the derived roads can help them, should they choose to learn the details…

Thanks and will be back in LV later this weekend…at which point I can get into this thread in much deeper…

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