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Baccarat has been solved! Free Card Counting App!

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Baccarat has been solved! Free Card Counting App!

https://gto-baccarat.jackace.com/             Link to video is below. 


Okok, sorry for the "Click Bait" LOL, I am feeling frisky this morning. There are so many people out there looking for the "Holy Grail" "quick fix" I'm just curious to see how many hits this post gets. All credit to the JackAce Youtube channel. This EXCELLENT video and app popped up in my you tube feed this weekend and I wanted to share. I really like this guys content, he's got pedigree in mathematics and game theory, but he's also got the wisdom to live in reality. This guy is legit IMHO, he's presenting the math and the reality of applying the math. I'm having some fun in this post but I respect his work and I am a fan.

Has Baccarat Been Solved? Yes!    WOO HOOO WE'RE ALL GONNA BE RICH!!  

....umm let me finish my sentence please. (From the video>>>>) Yes, baccarat MATH has been solved and the card counting app proves out the math. It shows you the Player, Banker Tie edge based on the cards removed from the deck(s).    Will it help you?   Not likely.  Exploitable advantages come up rarely.  So you might get a few bets out of thousands of hands. <<< THE REALITY.

The word  "solved" has a double meaning in his title...Genius! "Baccarat solved" = Math Proven   B  U   T   most people hoping for the holy grail read "baccarat solved" as 

"Imma  be  rich!!!" 

 Hint: Don't be "most people"! :biggrin:

I really like this guy, it's legit work. He took time out of his life to write and publish an app that both proves and disproves baccarat card counting at the same time. Better yet he gave you a tool you can use to PROVE IT TO YOURSELF. Yes, he shows the "normal" baccarat math can be slightly changed by counting cards. Proven and true     B    U    T      most of the time   you're talking about   tenths or hundredths of a percent that would take YEARS of play to exploit just to have a 1% advantage. There are other types of advantage (watch the video) that may show up for 5 hands in 100 or 1000 games who knows, but the time required makes it REALISTICALLY impossible.

My summary and take: You're better off spending your time elsewhere in your baccarat studies (the researcher and video below agrees)...our time is finite. Ask yourself, will you get a return on your time investment in "Baccarat Card Counting" commensurate with your time investment? Doubtful, very very doubtful.  While it is true, the "edge" for player/banker/tie can be SLIGHTLY moved.... to the tune of   tenths or hundredths of a percent, you'll have to play tens of thousands and possibly hundreds of thousands of hands to realize any advantage....AND NEVER make any other type of bet.  

Special note to the potential "hater" posts coming my way from the card counters:  This is JackAces' Video, app and research....but I agree with him and wanted to share. Before you send a flaming post please do the following....

1. Watch the video ALL THE WAY TO THE END. 

2. Run a shoe through HIS app, record your results. 

3. Go back to step 1 x 50 or 100 times 

4. When you get documented results, include them in your flaming post if you want to be taken seriously.




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