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  1. FYI- Rex had a degree in mathematics and showed me many books of computer printouts, the big book kind with holes at each end of the paper, the early printing type! I think it was dot matrix printers that he had access to when he worked at these large corporations! When I said I never lost, I never lost a weekend or a weeklong session playing this very aggressive system! I suggest that you realize that first and foremost, you don't know everything! You haven't been where I have been, and if I told you that there was a company that for the last 30 years has averaged 70% returns on their money, you would come out and say that is hokus pokus and sooner or later this firm will lose big time, too! Ya see, mate, there are people who know way more about math than you or I and one of them was Rex! As for the company, Renaissance Technologies hires Phd.'s in Math and Science, as well as computer experts to run different systems, derivative trading, historical forecasting and other systems to beat the market! Last year, Mr. Simmons made 1.8 billion and he's been retired for 10 years! But his firm still crushes the market year after year, some years better than others! But averaging 70% return over a 30 year period is mind blowing! And no, you can't invest in their firm, it's by invitation only!
  2. I don't know what a gee up is, but it had a stop loss of 500 units and a win stop of 100 units! Never lost with it, until the shuffle master showed up!
  3. I was wondering what the worst/ and best baccarat system is that you have ever played? My best system was something invented by a guy named Rex that played regularly at the Goldcoast casino during the 80's and 90's. The bet was 1, 3, 7, 15 and always started on player. If you won any of the 4 bets, you started over at 1. If you lost all 4 bets, you jumped over to bank and bet the 15 unit bet. If you won that bet, you increased the next bet by 5 units. If you won the next bet at 20 units, you have gotten all of your money back and you start over on player at the original 1 unit bet! If you lost that bet, you would not increase your bet, and stay flat at 15 units, only increasing by 5 units after every win until you got all of your money back and 1 unit profit for each hand played during that series! If you lost 4 in a row on bank, you jumped back to player using the same format of betting flat until a win and then increasing 5 units after each win until you got all of your money back!
  4. Hi Bill,

    This is David Lehmann. I had phone issues and lost every contact in my system. Please call me at your earliest conveience. If I dont answer, please leave message with a return number.



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