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  1. Hi! I don't seem to be getting an answer via email. But just checking, being a legacy NOR forum member and beinghalf way around the world. If i sign up for the 4D seminar, Can i get an online version of it? Btw, are legacy NOR players able to get in to 4D forum or do they need to pay for the seminar first?
  2. Dragons as you mean they take 50% of your winnings if Banker wins on a 6?
  3. Hi! Just had a look at dublin bet.It plays quite quickly between hands. Any suggestions of a slower one?
  4. Hi Mvseahog....Your inbox is currently full. I can't send you any PM.
  5. Question is. If the chance of losing 3 consecutive bets is 1 in 8. What's the chance of losing all 3 bets in A 80 hands shoe?
  6. It just annoys the shit out of me, when i would see 3's least common, and 2 and 4's quite average, and so i'd bet the 3 becomes a 4.... but then out comes two 3's....bye bye bets.... similarly 2 's could be high then a zigzag of 5 comes out...bugger!
  7. Thats' not a bad analogy! taking the weather....of course it will be hot in summer, warm in autumn, cold in spring! however on the tables, things can change over a matter of hands. Discipline is the only thing that prevent you from making a 'uncertain' bet. however, if there are percievable trends, then you would llove to have it occuring just a few more bets past when it detected.
  8. And i would agree with this, if you hit -8, it is harder to get back to break even. if you hit -8 obviously the shoe is not doing what you think it is doing. Moreover, if -4, it means you could have just lost 3 or 4 bets. but, if you hit -8 then really you would have lost 6-8 bets more than you have won. hit -8, get out of there, as potentialy the shoe can squeeze another 4 to 8 units out of you. making yuo hit -12 or -16. There is a reason why you hit -8 and that is the shoe is not what you think it should be doing. get out!!! Sometimes if you are on a roll, no matter what you do, you can't lose! thats when you CAN squeeezx more out of the shoe.
  9. Nice joey, nice!!! hope we can all get to that stage one day...just a question though. when do you cease betting and watch? 2 consecutive losses? or say you detected a mode of the shoe, would you continue through even 2 consecutive losses?
  10. Its very simple this 26% drop.... All can be explained by players mentality. OK an individual may take $1000 into the casino. Start playing $25. hits a bad run and loses $300 , betting maybe, 1,2 or 3 units Left with $700. Do you think he will continue with $25 units? or do they up the bets to try to win it back quickly? so perhaps bet $50,. hits -8 -10 unit. thats $400/$500 down further. $800 gone. $200 left.....one bet....lost. there goes $1k
  11. hey ellis if I have a real hard time making a bet that could take me below+1 after I'm up +6. then would stop win be +6???
  12. Well, I had plans to go to the local casino tonight and test out to see if i was patient enough to lose 8 units. Well after 15 minutes i was 6 units up, (my target was 4 units) but stayed on to play. The shoe had started oTbl friendly then to TBl friendly then back to OTBL friendly. It was all over the shop. I was the only player that sat from the beginning of the shoe, to the end. I had finished the shoe -8. everyone else, had lost so much that they were all cleaned out. They kept on changing their money and kept on losing...it wasn't pretty shoe for sure. however, i managed to square off on the next shoe and ended the session. +1. Get out of there!!!! q.e.d. aim for my target 4 units and get out....
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