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  1. Why is that, I thought the free forum section work as a hint or question board to ensure members who consider joining the forum to make the final step/decision. Cheers
  2. Supersonics how come you did not continue to be a Premium Member? Cheers
  3. Well OZ i can state with out personal attacks that i don't agree. And yes you are right that everyone does not have 30K or more in income playing the game with even larger bankroll. I don't trolling any forum, i have good reputation. And i don't have to hide or lie about being a small budget player with 5K bankroll, no shame in that. Most players don't even have a bankroll and take part of there salary to play during weekends. Cheers
  4. You can use random org - is same as any random result with 50/50 distribution - if you beat random org you beat any existing baccarat shoe and is free - you can download 100.000 trails each day - plenty to get you started - Cheers
  5. Yes you right i Will try to explain ... did try that before at it took three pages. ..
  6. I got this results using a mechanical system - afters some insight from a member on this forum board - i notice that one side not only is one strong side as it also is with competition with the other side where two random sequence is not alike and you can take advantage out of that - is like the variance goes into different directions and sometimes find harmoni and sometimes chaotic ... One thing that i implement is that singles versus series has the same probability as singles series versus series of series, so you are not only face 1000 singles you also have 1000 single series wish make
  7. I have a printer to my computer at home and wanted to ask what kind of Thickness of paper you use to score card? I reckon when you print out picture and special paper you get some harder degree of paper or thickness that i reckon would be same for score card. Photo paper for you printer has 200 g/m² in weight ( i think that reads 200 gram thickness and weight for each papper for A4 size) Do you use matte of glossy paper. Hope you understand my question as i did take help from google translate to explain this issue. I have been using pen and paper book in the past tracking results, but now it g
  8. I made the loses small and around -4 -3 -2 -1 +0 based upon the new tweak and +3 or more or stop at +2. After 50 samples i made +35 units and lose -10 units. And add the new betting march that he not mention in the book, what a error (LOL) ... 1. +2 2. +2 3. +4 4. -3 5. +2 6. +5 7. -4 8. +2 9. +6 10. -4 +23 -11 = +12 1. -4 2. +4 3. +7 4. +4 5. +2 6. -2 7. +2 8. +3 9. -4 10. +2 +24 -10 = +14 1. +3 2. +2 3. +3 4. -4 5. +2 6. +0 7. -4 8. +2 9. +4 10. -4
  9. I talk to the Author today and he mention step by step how to place the bets and he was missing one part of it in hes book. This means the testing is wrong and i have to do it all over again with the new information. Getting back with new results. Cheers
  10. It does not matter how you try to improve a losing strategy, in the end it does not make any difference. I run another 40 samples with additional improvement, but nothing change to the better. First 50 samples +24, second 50 samples -2 and another 40 samples end with -1. The author talking about mechanical trigger and comparing the playing style towards day-trading. I will write a negative verdict at Amazon making negative review of hes book. Cheers
  11. The other member who made the test with +44 units was saying the following: I would have to say that making the change to "leaving at neutral or slightly down" anytime past about mid-shoe made a difference. Now i can see that if you not reach the win target and not break even at mid-shoe he did not continue until you break even or hit loss limit and stop before that with any unit value close to zero. That would make the loses less overall. So i will test that way. Also this time i will push for more when i reach +3 or stop at +2. I will make another 100 samples. This made me th
  12. As we deal with 50/50 - then i assume it should perform with RNG - to speed up things i use my Roulette Software using Red & Black. Here is the results for 100 samples with 100 random bits each using La Partage Rule. First 50 samples end up with +24 units and the other 50 samples end up with -2 units. So i would say that the author of the book is not telling the truth about hes method. 100 sessions flat betting is significant to get a hint about a method and how it perform. When i test i want to end up with a small profit each week of play or seven days and this method does not cut it. So
  13. A simple test of a baccarat system for sale on Amazon. I run 50 samples with 100 random bits. Flat betting. Win target +3 units and loss limit -6 units. If you reach half the way of the 100 random bits and you not have reach you win target, then you aim to break even or hit loss limit. One more additional rule that i did not apply was to push for more when you reach +3 units and if you fail stay at +2 units. One other member did some hand testing with real baccarat results and end up with +44 units after 50 shoes (Flat betting). My result was +24 units ( but i did not apply the rule to pu
  14. This is the reply i got when i ask why the shuffle is not part of your average RNG: You are correct, there is no Random Number Generator that selects the cards to be dealt. The card numbers are kept in a text file just as though they were stacked on the table. When the game starts The program reads the values of the cards into memory. Now the deck is in memory. I have created code that will physically shuffle those cards per the user’s definition (any casino shuffle definition). Two default shuffles come with the software. You can define and save as many shuffles as
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