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  1. You guys are right. but Just think back to your guys first year playing baccarat and all the ideas you came up with. It is true that NP will fail. And even if they did work the 5% commision would wipe out the earnings. You guys always say don't search for the holy grail, find your style of play and develop it or if you have a winning way stick with it. The only thing is I don't know My style of play because I like to read approaches like tbl, otbl or rd1 and then play shoes accordingly until I have a couple losing shoes
  2. Is this negative progression a shot to the head also? Betting a flat bet NP on rd1. Playing 1 shoe rd1 with a stop loss of 10 at 1 unit the whole shoe If lost play the next shoe at 6units rd1 with a stop loss of 10 Then the next at 36units rd1 with a 10 unit loss. If you win a 2 units of 36. Either continue the shoe betting at 6 units or finish the shoe at 6 units of 36. What are the chances of getting 3 bad rd1 shoes in a row?
  3. That would take days. Do you think keith is up right now to resolve this
  4. Paypal didn't auto pay and I can't subscribe through the store what can I do
  5. how am i suppose to use the o/r count to make bets
  6. I just read a download on mdb+ and it looks promising I have not yet tried it since I just read about it. I was wondering what you guys think about it
  7. @wolfat i already subscribed can you give me the link
  8. @Fedda ive been practicing on a app called world baccarat classic @way2fast im willing to learn but dont know where to start and what to look for. id like to learn the way you play but for now im stuck trying to play with negative progressions.
  9. d'alembert is a up 1 when you lose and down 1 when you win. ive used successful on a couple shoes and have one really bad shoe and lost it all. i was betting opposite every time and just recently started using only banker so im not sure on the success on that
  10. I bought the NOR e junkie and the 2 2 1 approach.. I honestly didn't like either. I wish I could refund it because i felt I already knew What was being taught and just didn't like the 2 2 1 approach. I felt let down because they were no different then other systems I've wasted money on.. I regret not choosing the forum membership over the e junkies. Wish Keith Smith would exchange my option. Anyways. Has anyone used the D’Alembert system successfully. I seem to make money on different apps use that system.. I bet 1 up when I lose and 1 down when I win all while betting opposites
  11. The big eye road, the small road and the cockroach road
  12. Can someone please explain to me how charts are read to make predictions
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