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Four basic rules are applied in each of my games

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I’m not a member of Beatthecasino.com, But I’ve decided to share a basic foundation that I have used for years as a professional gambler. I mainly play Pai Gow Tiles & Baccarat. I only play in land casinos.

Four basic rules are applied in each of my games:

Knowledge – you must know at least the basic rules of the game that you are playing. There have been many incidents where I played against the house, and the dealer made mistakes. So, you are susceptible to chaos if you do not know the game’s basic rules. The Casino floor staff not always watches your table game or expect surveillance personnel to call.


Bankroll – the amount of money that you will allocate to the game. I’ve seen players playing the 100-dollar table and buying for $500. Not enough to survive. It is very stressful and unmanageable. It must be at least 20 times the minimum bet.


Money Management – it’s about how THEY handle their bankroll. It must be divided into sessions. You must apply your predefined goals for each session—the number of units you expect to win and then quit that session if it’s reached. Conversely, if the shoes you are playing lead to losses, what was your stop loss set, so you stopped playing that session?


Discipline is the most challenging element to apply in the gambling arena/Casino games. I’ve been working on it for years and sometimes violated my protocol. It’s about demonstrating the ability to walk away from the table, mainly if they are in a losing position.

There are many books written about the above items. Some can be found by searching on Google.


John R.

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Hi there! Thanks for the tips.

Couldn't agree more with your gaming rules! It's crazy how chaos can ensue without knowing the basics. And yeah, that bankroll stress, I have seen folks dive into high-stakes tables without a safety net. Also, money management is crucial. I'm trying to refine that part of my strategy. Discipline is the real challenge, right? Walking away, especially when things aren't going well, is an ongoing battle. Still working on mastering that. By the way, I have been playing Rainbow Riches Casino! They have multifaceted gameplay and enticing bonuses for players. You should check the out: https://www.luckybonuscasino.com/rainbow-riches-poker/


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