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Baccarat IQ: Bead Road Update coming soon (plus testing results from 7000 SBI shoes)

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One thing I demand of myself is that the Baccarat IQ apps are high quality and legit.
This led me down the path to another significant update.

Small news: There were some rare edge cases where the highlighter lit up the incorrect box, the one that highlights the direction with the highest strength factor. Fixed... in the next release. Working on that fix led me to (down the rabbit hole) ........

Big News: Improved derived recommendations... with results from testing 7000 shoes from SBI for proof. (ok 6769...but 7000 sounds better LOL)
This is the big P B or T on the app and is just one of the 4 statistics on the app. I've spent the last 4 weeks of my free time testing and re-writing the derived recommendation to make it the best it can be.

Below is the link to a Google sheets spreadsheet that contains the results from testing the 7000 shoes I have from the Strategic Baccarat Interface. So, real shoes, the ones that you, the members of Beat The Casino put in SBI. These are the first 7000 shoes on SBI. Here is the proof that the Bead Road derived recommendation works. This is only the result from the derived recommendation, there are 3 other "not derived" recommendations on the app that I didn't record because I wasn't testing/improving them. Blended together, with practice, results will show improvement.


Bullet points: On this spreadsheet, I've recorded the highest score that was achieved in each shoe. Why did I record it this way? Two main reasons.
First, there is definitely a sweet spot with the Bead Road (described below). If a players score gets to +5 (for example) and starts to turn down, they will not/should not blindly follow the score going down (shoe change). Personally, if I get to +5 and get back down to +3, I'm out of the shoe. I'm not following the lack of bias/shoe change that will cause a downward trend.
Second, I write the apps from the point of reality. Meaning we don't make wild claims, only claims that can be supported with proof. Biases will come and go, W/L total will go up and down. That is the reality of the baccarat cycle.

Summary of the results you will see if you look at the spreadsheet. Remember this is the app playing rote, input from the baccarat players skill.
-On average, the high score in a shoe was     +4  (3.75 rounded up to a whole unit)
-The highest recorded high score score was + 21, the lowest (high score) was 0 (mind a stop loss and wait for a better shoe).
--5735/6769  had a high score of 1 or better  85%
--4718/6759  had a high score of 2 or better 70%
--3828/6759 had a high score of 3 or better 57%
-The average hand where the high score occurred was hand 36.22
-Interestingly the average hand where the low score occurred was 36.66

What do the last two stats mean? The average high score hand and the average low score hand were at almost the same point. It means, if the first 35 hands are winning, the player should probably start to look for an exit point. Of course, if it's running, stay on it, but be mindful that was the (general) average high point. On the flip side, if the first 35 hands are losing, it is likely the hands after 35 will find a bias and recover. If the score gets down some units in a shoe, stop betting and wait for recovery. Of course, there will be exceptions, anything and everything will happen. User skill and practice is required to get the best results.

Important: This is the results from the app playing rote. As the user gains skill and starts to recognize the ebb and flow, the final results can be fine tuned. For example, if the app gets to +7, but then the bias goes away, will you (the app user) follow it down? I hope not!  The app can only identify bias or lack of bias. You must make the decisions. You the user must be mindful that shoes change and any tracking "system" is a trailing statistic. Meaning, when changes come, it takes time for a tracking statistic to catch up. There is no "magic" that can predict the changes. If there were, don't you think the stock brokerages who spend billions on research would have figured it out? Tracking a baccarat statistic is no different than tracking any "trailing" stock statistic. There are a lot of additional ways to fine tune your results.  A money management (like Plus 1) combined with a stop loss will likely improve results a great deal.  I'll try to get with @Keith Smith next week or weekend to do a video explaining some of them with additional detail.

Remember: The derived recommendation, the big gold P  B  T  on the app is no more or less important than the other 3 indicators. The other indicators display exactly what the Bead road is giving us. The derived recommendation displays a recommendation based off a "secret sauce" to identify biases that are not otherwise visible.

Finally, +4 may not impress some of you out there. But, you must remember, this is ONLY the derived bias. The other 3, Up, Horizontal & Down should also be used when they show a playable bias. If one of the other 3 biases is running, ignore the derived bias. There is also some interesting interplay I've noticed between the derived recommendation and the standard recommendations. Will discuss that more and give some examples when @Keith Smith and I can make a video.

This is a long and detailed read for an "app update" post. Thanks for reading and post questions if you have them. We'll try to cover them when we do a video.

Have a good Easter weekend, I'll get the changes buttoned up and released next week.

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Posted (edited)

Oh... one additional post I've been wanting to make.

I've seen some other apps being talked about that require users to download and directly install from them. They may be fine apps, I've got no opinion about them. What I want to post about is security.

Our apps go through Google Play. Google Play will reject any app that presents any kind of security risk. When you download an app file (called an apk) from a private source. None of those protections are in place. I'm not saying anything about other apps. Just presenting you the facts regarding the integrity and security of our apps being sourced from Google Play.  When you install an app from a private source, the risk is your device may "catch" whatever security risk is on the source machine. They may not even be aware their machine has a security risk. I'm not saying it has or will happen, just that it could.

Going through Google Play means an app has met leading edge security confirmed by Google. They make it quite difficult to meet all their security specifications, but jumping through the hoops is worth the extra effort to make sure our apps are as secure as possible. So that's what I do with the Baccarat IQ apps.

Again have a great Easter Weekend!

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Great stuff, Eric.

For those who play online, or in ( app-allowable) live-dealer-dealt STADIUM Baccarat environments, the various apps you have developed provide a decided PLAYER ADVANTAGE !

Thanks for your many, many hours of hard work…and looking forward to see you present FUTHER INSIGHT @ Our BTC SEMINAR JUNE 8th here in LV. !


PS - Noticed today that Amazon is selling APP’s ( likely all through resellers) , though didn’t see any true play-for-real-money  gaming apps offered ….Perhaps if could be presented as strictly play for fun, might be another outlet for consideration .

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Posted (edited)

BaccaratIQ: Bead Road update is live on Google Play!

Updates as described above....

1. Some users reported a rare case where the score boxes didn't highlight in "green" correctly. Fixed in this version, thank you for the feedback! And (if I do say so myself) another reason to choose our apps over others out there. User feedback to the developer (me LOL) is easy and ACTIVE.

2. The derived indicator - The "secret sauce" has been changed. No one likes a "secret sauce" but, it would be almost impossible to explain in detail.

The summary is this: From the original bead road that the player puts in I've increased the amount of background data the derived indicator "scans for anomaly" by almost 100 times. If I go any further into the "secret sauce" I'd be typing a book, or need a weekend of your time LOL. Plus, I've been seeing my methodologies being copied onto other apps recently so I'm going to keep this one as a "secret sauce." If they reverse engineer my work here, more power to them (they won't :)) I've got results from almost 7000 shoes posted in a link above.

3. Derived stop loss - I've added a stop loss setting to the derived indicator, it defaults to -5, I prefer -4.

To our many Baccarat IQ: Bead Road subscribers in Asia
Xin chào



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