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Guest CarlosM

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Guest CarlosM

We note what up card she is breaking on most and least in a game. What about noting what hole card she breaks on most and least? Another thing I have noticed. When in rounds have no read, can play Basic Strategy or better is Tri Point. So, in Tri Point we just look at 10, J, Q, K in the last 5 cards. I noticed if in that game, 9 runs faithfully with TENS, I am more correct in my Tri Point decision to include the 9 also in the last 5 cards. Or say in that game maybee 8, or 2 run a lot with TENS? I had a game where 9, 8, 2, 3 ran with TENS mostly. Aces were 50/50 or a little more with lows. So, when in sections I had to use Tri Point, in the last 5 cards I included 2, 3, 8, 9 with the TENS. That round, I had a 13 vs a 5 up, no read. Last 5 cards had only 1 TEN. Tri point says hit. But, there was a 9 and an 8 with that TEN in the last 5. So, I use that as 3 TENS and Tri point says stand. I found this to be more correct than not. Or is it just me? What if sevens run faithfully with TENS or highs? If in a tri point round, and have a 7 or sevens in the last 5 cards? Ellis? What do you think Char or Mad Dog? Keith?

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You can't go wrong by noting what's going on in the game you are playing right now and adjusting to it. That is really what NBJ is all about.

As far as noting what hole card she is breaking on. No, because you note the most frequent breaking up card to aid your hit or stand decision. For instance, if she is never or virtually never breaking on 5 or 6 ups, which is quite common in clumped games, you would not bet that she will by standing on a stiff against a 5 or 6 like basic strategy makes you do. But the breaking hole card can't help you because you haven't seen it yet when you make your play decision.

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