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New to this site but not new to NBJ & WCB

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Hello everyone. I was really pleasantly surprised tonight when I found this site. I searched more than a few times before but never found anything on the web about NBJ or E. Clifton Davis. I go back some years ago when I first learned NBJ and WCB. It was when Jerry Patterson was involved with E. Clifton Davis and then later with Mr. Davis. I am from Mr. Davis' neck of the woods in upstate New York and we've played together at Turning Stone. In fact, I probably met a few of you long time NBJ players at a seminar or two, one of which was in Latham, New York. So it's good to see that you are all still around as well as NBJ and WCB.

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Guest CarlosM

This forum is getting pretty exciting! Can you share with us some of your experiences? Or, if you want to go into more detail, perhaps the private forum would be better? I know you can add so much to this forum. Thanks for being here.

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Aha, caught you. You guys were slipping this thread right by me. Vegas92c, Please feel free to Email me privately at ellis@beatthecasino.com or any other BJ player for that matter. Vegas, Carlos is right, if you are an NBJ player you are welcome to the private forum. Just Email keith@beatthecasino.com and tell him who you are and ask for admittance. Remember Keith? He was at Latham too. Turning Stone? You mean to tell me that nobody has shut them down for cheating yet? After I caught them redhanded cheating in Baccarat and killed them anyway in both Bac and BJ, they limited both Ann and me to a $50 combined bet. I took the hint. Hey good to have you aboard but let me know who you are. There were a lot of people at Latham. That's over 20 years now isn't it?

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