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Losing to learn how to win!

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Sorry guys, I was a little busy with Zenwin (good news) Billy Baxter (bad news) and Christmas and SAP. I would like to hear your comments on The Art Of Doubling which I posted on both the private and public BJ forums. If you post on the private forum, I'll decide which posts to also put on the public forum. Also, I would like to see you guys put some input into Zenwins messages. She's doing a great job selling NBJ. There are several new players keying off Zenwin's posts and our replys.

Also, where is Mad Dog? Mad Dog???

OK, losing games: First and most important: I look at EVERY losing game and EVERY losing session as a mistake. Theoretically it is possible to play W/O losing. Therefore, for every loss I like to identify the mistake I made. I never chalk off a mistake to bad luck. There is no such thing as luck in BJ. If you lose you did SOMETHING wrong. What was it? While it is good to note the circumstances surrounding a win so that you can duplicate it, I think it is even more important to study the circumstances surrounding a loss so you can avoid them in the future.

I find that most losses are caused by My own lack of condition to play. That is why I always count down a deck to check my physical condition before each session. There is a natural boost of adrenaline in the pre-session moments. Sometimes this adrenaline rush makes you seem to be alert when in reality you are too tired to give it your best.

Poor condition makes you tend to take short cuts finding the right game. It makes you stay in the wrong game too long. And of course it clouds your play and your judgement. You are less alert to ALL that is going on in the game.

You are much better off to identify the reason for the loss rather than the excuse for the loss. ANYONE giving himself an excuse to lose, will! Excuses are to be avoided at all costs! There is ALWAYS a reason for a loss. Identify that reason, study it and don't ever make the same mistake again. Let losses TEACH you rather than ruin your spirits. YOU are the BEST player in the casino. Think that way! Act that way and never never ignore rule number one: NEVER play a losing game!

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