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What an Experienced NBJ Player Thinks

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After reading the post entitled Scam Alert I thought I’d throw in my two cents as an experienced blackjack NBJ player. First of all I have been playing blackjack for twenty four years. I used a variety of counting methods, I purchased countless systems and I gained a wide range of knowledge and experience learning what worked and what didn’t. I didn’t play professionally but I did play almost every other weekend in Atlantic City and made many trips to Vegas for a number years. So I think I am experienced enough to talk to anyone about the game. And one game I played at the Claridge in AC seemed to sum up the way I now play at the tables. There was only two of us at a twenty five dollar minimum table. I played along side a woman from Jersey whose play I have to say really opened my eyes to the way the game is being dealt and played. I was losing and she was winning. I was playing a perfect strategy and she was playing the table. In other words, she played what she saw was actually occurring on the table by following the card flow. I thought I was good, but she was better. When I asked her about the way she played she indicated she was playing “street blackjack.†It wasn’t until I played NBJ and WCB that I understood what she meant. I finally left my card counting days behind. I found that E. Clifton Davis had put into words what I saw was actually happening on the tables. He gave me the tools I needed to play what the cards were telling me. I became what you might call a street blackjack player too. I was no longer locked into a way of playing that didn’t take into consideration what was actually occurring on the table in front of me. Sure, my plays may require me to make subjective decisions at times, but I found with practice, table time and experience those subjective calls became more correct than incorrect. I felt in control and that’s the way I like to feel when I am in the casino.

So for you card counters and basic strategy players I propose you take a little time out from your playing and just watch the game and tables. Walk through the blackjack pits and count the number of tables where the dealer is showing a ten up. I bet you’ll find more dealer ten up tables than dealer low card up tables. And I’ll bet you find this scenario consistently throughout the casino. A random game? I don’t think so. Would you want to play a table where the dealer gets more than his expected share of ten cards? Next look at the players cards. Watch when the players all get stiff hands and they stand and the dealer with a low card up makes a five or six card hand. That sure is a lot of low cards on the table. That’s not what I’d call cards in a random card order. Then watch how all the players get made hands. And wouldn’t you know it the dealer has a made hand also which pushes most of the players. Now that’s a lot of high cards on the table. And that’s not what I’d call cards in a random card order. It’s no secret if you take the time to watch. Random card order is a rarity. So if you refuse to see or believe what the cards are telling you then go ahead and keep playing and believing in basic strategy and card counting. It’s your money. But if you’ll only open your eyes and mind to what is actually happening on the table you just may become a new blackjack player too.

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Hi Vegas,

Nice post and right to the point. A few thinking people will heed it but most won't. The promblem is the same old thing. The extremely abundant marketing of card counting is everywhere with tons of casino money pouring in. Its all people hear. It's in the movies. It's on TV and radio. It's all over the internet. The casino's do their own TV specials promoting card counting. It's a very popular daily gambling topic among want-a-be Blackjack players. Their brains get saturated with this dailly bombardment.

Any voice against it gets out shouted by a million brain washed voices that believe that a million people can't be wrong.

One thing that you know that they don't know is that card counting depends entirely on basic strategy and basic strategy depends entirely on random cards. That is precisely why the casinos do all possible to prevent random cards. They know exactly how to do this and have known for 20 years. They KNOW that their methods beat basic strategy hands down. That is exactly why they spend so much money promoting basic strategy and card counting to a gullible public. It's so much easier to simply join the crowd.

Non random cards is the easiest thing in the world for anyone to prove to themseves. All they need do is walk up to any BJ game and count how often highs are following highs. They don't even have to worry about lows because whatever highs are doing, lows are also doing.

Since there are just as many lows as highs, in random cards lows will follow highs half the time. That's simple fourth grade math. But they will soon see that they don't at all. And if they check further they will find that the longer the cards are in play and the more players there are the more highs will follow highs and the more lows will follow lows and the weaker basic strategy becomes. We call this clumping. Clumping is not an arguable point, it is an absolute fact of life. The casinos see to it. That's how they win. Its their bread and butter and all published casino takes prove it far beyond all doubt.

Every card counting instructor knows this as well as he knows his own name. Clumping is precisely what card counters count. They count the disparity of highs vs lows dealt. That IS clumping! The count tells you the degree of clumping. Precisely! It is ridiculous for card counting instructors to deny clumping when that is precisely what they are teaching you to count. But they must! They must because they KNOW that clumping destroys basic strategy and they know that the basis of card counting IS basic strategy. For them, it is a paradox.

Where the card counting instuctor goes wrong is when he teaches that the higher the count the better your odds. This is not true at all because the higher the count the more the cards are clumped and the more the cards are clumped the more basic strategy errors. See the paradox? They would be challenging their own basis.

But that is not nearly the only mathematical flaw of card counting. It is riddeled with flaws. Here is an example. Card counters are taught to bet minimum in negative counts. They are taught that the dealer has the advantage in a negative count. Half of all shoes begin with negative counts. Most of those stay negative throughout the shoe or don't go possitive enough to trigger card counter bets. Most are still negative at the cut off card. The card counter just sat their like an idiot never raising his bet.

Now lets try using our brain for just a second - something card counters are immune to and taught never, never to do. Always make the "correct" play according to your B.S. chart and always bet by the count. Is that not exactly what they are taught? Is that using your God given brain? Well think about that extremely common shoe (about half of all shoes) where the count stayed negative or close to it, all the way to the cut off card. What exactly did that mean? What does your BRAIN tell you happened in that shoe? Well for all you guys who have been taught not to use your brain, I'll tell you what it means. It means that a preponderance of dealer favorable lows were trapped behind the cut off card and never came into play. It means that a preponderance of player favorable tens WERE in play throughout the shoe. It means that our card counter just sat there like an idiot through a highly player favorable shoe. Is that skill? No, that's stupidity. That's what they are taught to be, oblivious to what's going on directly under their nose.

So what was our card counter waiting for? A high count. Well let's take the opposite shoe. The count goes up at the beginning and stays positive all the way to the cut off card. Our card counter bets like crazy. negative progressions and all, just like he is taught. Was that a player favorable shoe? Well I'll answer again for the non thinkers, the lemmings. Hell no it wasn't player favorable. That count means that a preponderance of player favorable highs got trapped behind the cut off card. Everybody loses and our counter likely lost the most. See why the casinos introduced the cut off card? See why they keep moving it further up the shoe.? See why they move it to the middle whenever a counter sits down. See why they ignore the cut off card altogether in single deck and simply shuffle up whenever they want to?

Well maybe not. Maybe you need time to get used to using your brain after all that brain washing. Maybe +1-1 is a little too complex for you right now. Let me make it real, real simple for you. Card counting hasn't produced a single winner since the days of single deck BJ. Does that tell you anything? Even their best and most infamous player, Kenny Uston, quit the game in disgust because he couldn't beat multideck BJ. At all! Does that tell you anything?

You have never seen a card counting instructor conduct a public demonstration of his wears in a real casino, put his money where his mouth is. Why not! I've done it hundreds of times. Many of you have watched me. Oh yeah, save Jerry Patterson. I have to give credit where credit is due. After watching me do it several times, Jerry tried it in Vegas. The casinos even let him bring cameras in with a full camera crew. Why? They never let me do that. Maybe because they knew exactly what the outcome would be. Yep, he lost! Again and again and again. Mortified, he quit teaching counting forever and began selling NBJ. Does that tell you anything? Their top garu, Stanford Wong quit and went to work for Jerry Patterson. Does that tell you anything?

Well, I hate to be so rude. It's not in my nature. But I am just one tiny voice in the wilderness. Vegas, maybe that is just what folks need - a rude awakening.

NBJ refreshingly frees you to use your brain and teaches you exactly how. NBJ is based on actual fact, actual casino conditions. It is not based on the wishful thinking or the conditions some non playing, high paid card counting garu wishes was happening. NBJ is based on what IS.

Also refreshingly, we have lots of winning players ready and willing to help you at every turn. And I'm not talking card counting peanuts here, I'm talking real money. Stop banging your head against a brick wall. It feels so good when you stop. Join the winners! It's not expensive as some of these jerks would have you believe. It's cheap, probably less than your average loss. And its fun and there is lots of comradery here. I've been teaching NBJ for more than 20 years and over 4000 players. I can teach you too.

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