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The new MIT BJ team movie!

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Ha ha ha holy shit! Guess what guys. I'm famous! I just got a call from Keith at 6;30 AM so I knew he was excited about something. You know that new BJ movie coming out supposedly about the Mit BJ team, well beatthecasino got a special invitation to the opening premier so Keith went. Now that's pretty strange already isn't it? Why would we get an invitation? But then the movie started and Keith saw immediately why we got an invitation. The movie starts with an exact replica of MY BJ seminar. Yep! Shell game and all!

For the few of you who never attended an E Clifton Davis BJ seminar, I started every seminar off with the shell game. I did this to demonstrate the difference between SURFACE MATH that every card counting book uses and DEEP MATH which NBJ uses. Yep, they stole my whole idea and started their movie with it. How's that for coincidence. If you think that's coincidence I've got a bridge in Brooklyn I wanna sell ya. Then, they send us an invitation for the premier. Shit, how about paying us for the start of their movie!

I don't mind. Everybody copies NBJ these days because it is the best. I always said that there is something awfully familiar about what that MIT team is doing. Mad Dog?

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I received a ticket to see an advance preview of the movie "21" last night and I attended. The movie was entertaining, as it is always fun to see the glitzy life of Las Vegas. It was certainly modeled after the BIG PLAYER of Ken Uston team strategy. I found it interesting that they started the movie by using the "three doors game show host" example as their introduction... the same example that Ellis and I use in our NBJ seminar of variable change. We have opened every NBJ seminar with that example since we started!

Initially, a statement made by the primary character was that Card Counting requires a special skill and he has it. He indicated that you need a high level of intelligence to count cards and to make it work. This feeds right into the egos of card counters that they have superior intelligence and are somehow gifted to be able to do this. The reality of the issue is that it is essentially basic addition and subtraction and a 7th grader could accomplish it. Of course then they expose that if you can keep a running count of +1 and -1 and memorize plays you are a card counter. He would even admit (in later scenes) it only requires basic math and he then proceeds to teach his friends.

The Movie was entertaining and funny at times. I enjoyed it, but once again it is the Casino Industry promoting card counting and the glamour of winning big by doing it.

The movie ends with, "I went 17 times to Las Vegas and made hundreds of thousands of dollars yada yada yada"....and of course all the money got stolen.

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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How the Team functioned by Mad Dog:

The MIT team's methods were:

1. Have a whole shitload of card counters watching a large number of tables.

2. Signal the entry of the Big Player when the count was high enough.

3. Signal the Big Player what the count is upon table entry. (Sometimes the BP was an unskilled gorilla and they did the math for him and signaled everything to him.)

4. Perform long division in their heads to turn the count into a true count.

5. Bet according to the true count.

6. Play according to a basic strategy chart. (I had a copy of it at one time. It was unremarkable except that certain plays called for the player to do things according to suit sometimes.)

7. An elite part of the team used sophisticated shuffle tracking techniques that I can explain if you want.

They would wait for a very high count, like +18. The tens really do need to come out when the count is +18, so the BPs caught a lot of tens.

The thing is this: Why do all this team crap? The team lost money at one point and subsequently fell apart. Also the investors hired a second team which led to infighting with the first team.

Why not be a lone wolf like Mad Dog? I have had many conversations with pit bosses and they always say "as long as you're not playing with a team, we'll let you play." Mad Dog does not need investors or squadrons of card counting scouts. I play NBJ because it is superior to card counting.

Private detectives were constantly hounding the MIT team. They used secret identities etc. What a pain in the ass.

John Chang, the mysterious Mr. M, could not hold his team together. Some broke off on their own.

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M.D. You could just as well be talking about the earlier and larger Ken Uston Teams. They used true count also and ended up the same way. Ken Uston quit BJ altogether and drank himself to death in Asia. I knew a lot of the guys on those teams and many became NBJ players.

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Yo All,

Hi.... I have not posted in a while. I was on ABC TV last week. They ran promo spots every 4 hrs for two days touting my Mexico Surgery experiences and film footage they shot at Bajanor Hospital in Mexico. Anyone , on this board , wanting a VHS copy, PM me.

I read the MIT BJ book. It was a good book. After reading your review Kieth, I will see the movie.

Boy, for me, finding a qualified - local Indian Casino BJ table is the pits. I seem to be holding my own ...profit -wise ...but very scary taking three progression loses , in a row, before a hit on the fourth bet.

Mr. Davis , I can not print the BJ manual out ?

Well, off to Mexico this week for a Porclein Crown ... made in the US .... for 295.00 and Mono- Lazik eye surgery.

Best Regards,


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W, very good to hear from you. I've been wondering what you're up to. I think the Manuals are copy restricted but just Email Keith at keith@beatthecasino.com and he will lift the restriction for you.

4th bet? Yes, you definitely need a hard copy of the manuals. We don't make 4th bets. At least now you know why?

Carlos, Mad Dog: I'm sure W could use your help and you will find that he's a very nice guy and a good guy to know.

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