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NBJ team play at the Sands

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Hi Group, you guys got me started with all the neat tactics we used to employ with NBJ power...

I recall the day Ellis, Keith, the Lavery's and myself did a table take over at the Sands. We were playing a $50.00 table and I was seated at mid table. We had the dealer breaking. I had a $150.00 bet out and was dealt a pair of threes against a dealer (6) up card. Based on the card flows, the dealer appeared stiff and my only concern was that the dealer break. I was very concerned about splitting the threes and ending up with two (thirteens) and possibly taking the ten that the dealer may need to break. I paused on the hand and decided that I was going to stand on the threes and hope for a break. I knew I was either going to be a hero or a heel. I took my chances. The dealer called for the pit boss to witness the play so there would be no dispute afterwards. The pit boss just could'nt accept that I wanted to stay on the hand. It got to the point that I had to yell " I'm just staying as is."

The dealer flipped her card and had a ten in the hole. She drew a ten and broke, however, if I would have taken the ten on a split play the dealer would have wiped out the table as the next cards were low and would have got the dealer a 4 card (21). Man, I miss those days.

Ron D

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Guest GA Member

Having just completed my rehab, I'm anxious to get back into play again.

I play a great 1st base... not afraid to shove it out there.

I'm looking forward to getting to know you guys better. I built up a good backroll while in rehab... easy to do when you have no expenses, hahaha!

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Guest GA Member

I usually play in AC... my favorite spot is 1st base Ceasar's quarter games.

I have also played in LV, DC area firehouse games (although I've been asked not to come back), Turningstone, Foxwoods, etc....

Where do *you* guys play??


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Guest GA Member


I don't think I have anything "unique".. I just bet the most $$ when I think I'm going to get a 1st card "10". 10s will follow 10s more than they should, so I'm not afraid to push a pile in when I think I'm getting a 10. Simple as that. Nothing magical ... except having the guts to push a stack.

It has been working for me for quite some time.

Do you know something unique that I'm missing?


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Do you know something unique I'm missing?

Yeah, a couple things like:

Differentiating between first and third base games

Number of players

Boxed card order on new cards.

Boxed card order on single and 2 deck due to introducing new cards so often.

BJ insurance reads

dealer hole card reads.

recommended spreads

Betting progressions on your hi bets only.

Noting the number of tens in a row in the game you are in.

Are 8's running with 10's

Are aces running with tens,

Are 2's running with tens.

Is the dealer breaking

Is the dealer breaking on highs or lows.

How often are you getting your 1st card ten

How often is it winning

Time of day vs new cards

No vig - Betting over the sholder of the first base player on high percentage bets.

Do you do any of those things.

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Guest GA Member

Ellis, Professional Player:

That's quite a list. What exactly was your goal in constructing such a post... to show how much you know? Or to show me how much you think I *don't* know? Either way, your arrogance is somewhat pathetic and not at all what I expected from this site.

I hope your shoulder improves... it must be very painful from patting yourself on the back all the time.

BTW... if you want to go toe-to-toe with me on anything on your list (which, technically, are variables to the game, and NOT "unique tips", which is what *I* had been asked to provide), I'd be glad to do it. Where would you like to start?


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