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Good morning, afternoon, and evening from Matt

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My name is Matt living in LA as a college student. I stumbled onto card clumping through an interesting incident involving me and my girlfriend. After winning some money in vegas through sheer luck and being very conservative playing mostly single deck, so I proceeded to play the 8 deck blackjack in indian casino and lost around a hundred dollars which was heart breaking, more psychologically than financially. I knew a bit about card counting, yet not significant except knowing low cards favor the dealer and high cards favor the player.

As both amateurs, my girlfriend and I would share info with eachother like two little kids and she told me that sitting at the last seat of the table would be better because she would double down for a ten after seeing many low cards coming out before her. I didn't put much idea into her words untill one day after loosing a few rounds of blackjack again, I gave up entirely and just start observing the game while standing up. Then I suddenly realized many of the cards were coming in clumps and while observing similar phenomenon occuring repeatedly, a flash of insight interrupted all of my thought with the words of my girlfriend recalled again in my head. Thus the idea of card clumping was born in a crude form from inside my head.

So after that, I would observe whether a significant number of low cards coming out in clumps or not, if so, then I would take a seat and play. I would be behaving like a peeping tom, just standing there and observe for the right time which most time will take quite a while. So far, I have won two consecutive times in two different table, and I would always leave once I won, almost like a fast food drive thru.

Then I would look online regarding card clumping which to my surprise was not mainstream as many of the media advertise card counting. For some reason, I still search for card clumping and have my faith in it, despite the majority of people advertising counting. I have to thank Einstein on that as card counting believe in randomness to which Einstein deny randomness saying 'god does not play dice with the universe', and of course, I always believe in the good, old Eintein. Anyway, it took me a while to find this site feeling happy that I am not the only one believing in card clumping as some people already arrive at similar conclusion while building a firmer foundation.So I hope to learn from it while adding some buddies, and save up money to buy the manual someday.

have fun


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Hats off to you Matt! A student who used his power of observation and common sense to figure something out. I admire your high powered perception it will serve you well.


You can tell the winners and honest players by how many times they admit they lost 
not by how many times they say they won.

Need Information Messenger



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Matt, i would say this is table selection. I frequent a casino in N LV, because it's half mile from the house and I walk there 5 times a week. This casino has a sign on ea BJ table that says no mid entry. Doesn't this defeat table selection? Are other or all of the casinos in Vegas doing it?

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No mid shoe entry is everywhere. I greatly prefer it because the number of players stays constant throughout a shoe. Clumping is not a midshoe entry thing like back counting. If its clumped its clumped. The dealer breaks less so you must hit more. Every time you stand short you are betting the dealer will break. BS says bet the dealer will break at 28%. This is a dumb bet if the dealer is actually only breaking 10%. You must play by what the dealer break rate is at the table you are playing right now. Not what some book writer thinks it should be. To win at BJ you must play what IS. Remember, the up card is only half her hand. The more the cards are clumped the less significant the up card is. If the dealer is not breaking don't sit there and bet the dealer will break. She won't.

Look at it this way: When you lose, how did the dealer beat you? By playing "Dealer Strategy", hitting every hand to 17 or better. If that's what beat you, why weren't YOU playing that way? BS is about not using your head. It says play by wrote. NBJ says Use your head. Play whats winning in the current game. Which do you think will win the most hands?

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