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Casino reacts to "improper play" ! ;)

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First of all, I was one of the early believers in the so-called "Card Clumping Myth". I can tell you now, this isn't a Myth. You can create the same affect at home with 6 or 8 decks using the same shuffle and also "chunking the cards" when you shuffle. Most of the dealers do this if you watch, esp. the dealers that are called in to cool off the table because it's dumping. I spoke with Keith many years ago about things some of you are just starting to believe. Of course the casino would never admit to such things and purposely subverts all information on creating non-random cards that eventually wipes out BS players and fundementalistic card counters. Now there is a time when BS & Card Counting Work, then there is a time when BJ101 works, then there a time in which nothing works and the option is to leave or bet min. and ride it out. You can also create your own sequences of cards by misplaying (oh did i say misplay, what's a misplay if you win...) to get certain cards together to alter the bias. This is very advanced and not easy to do, but it works if you know what you're doing. A thorough understanding of the Shuffle Master Mechanics is required, i mean THOROUGH (of all the types that are out there). Anyway, to make a long story short, when you start to do this, and the table is dumping, all of a sudden... EHHHHHHHHH! Malfunction, the shuffle master II machine doesn't work. Now this happens EVERYTIME to me when i do this, and it's funny how it's only my table. I always watch for this and i never see it happen, unless you start altering the bias. I confronted the floormen about this but they always deny it. I can make it happen everytime, and i get a kick out of it. So what does that tell you ? It tells you that casino is trying to wash a player biased shoe and maybe even take those particular cards out and put in 8 fresh new decks. But oh! They leave the bad shoe in play ... why don't they take those cards out also ? hmmmm Keith wanted me to post this for all you non-believers. Believe me, it does happen and it happens for a reason. A friend of mine (who is a pitboss) always told me he whispers "chunk the deck" to who ever is shuffling (if it's a hand shuffled game) to cool off the table. This of course happens after everyone wins some money, then everyone starts to lose, chase their money and give some of their own if not all to the casino. Basic Strategy then becomes the worst way to play... I know most of you here already know this.

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Yep, NEVER underestimate a casino. They know exactly what they are doing, Bac or BJ. Every time I read one of these new guys on the junk sites say "a casino would never do that. They have their reputation to......." I have to lol.

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Yep, NEVER underestimate a casino. They know exactly what they are doing, Bac or BJ. Every time I read one of these new guys on the junk sites say "a casino would never do that. They have their reputation to......." I have to lol.

And the CIA was never involved in making money off Narcotics ;)

Ellis, what's your opinion on dealers who can cheat you ? That is, dealing seconds from a shoe or palming, switching the hole card as he passes over his area to deal a card to third base. A buddy of mine, I could give the name and location, but i can't, showed me this. He would peak at the card as he pulled it from the shoe. Now what was interesting was, he kept the card close to the felt. As the card passed over his DOWN first card, he switched it with a flip of his hand.. i couldn't really see it at all it was so fast, but i heard it. So if his down card was a 10, and third bases first card was a 10, and he knew his down card was a 10 via peaking, as his hand passed over he switches the 2 cards, so your final hand at third is 2 10's.

So he gives you a good hand. Then he finally gives himself the last card.

He could help you or hurt like this. So maybe you do want to bet for the dealer ;) Again, this casino dealt the dealer's first card down, not up. I would be suspicious of that right there. If you can't see it, you never knew what it was! After watching very closely, i saw a very very quick flash of a 4diamonds that would of been mine be replaced by a King of Hearts! wow!

Another incident was when i was on a cruise, a particular dealer was very good with the cards. He showed us a few card tricks and you couldn't even tell you're being cheated. "I can give myself a blackjack with this same ace of clubs.." and he did it ... and you couldn't see what he was doing. I mean this scared me because this guy was good and worked as a dealer.

And finally when i was at the Silver City Casino in Vegas during the 80's, they had this guy Bill from Missouri (name tag). As soon as i put down a 25 dollar bet, he bent his last card to my face and said... see the hole card ? I'm like what ? And i did. So i started betting for him! I won a quick 800 dollars. He also delt 2nds.. he would put the deck up so you couldn't see the top, and you could here it and see the funny action. Now the pitboss was laughing and the other player at the table had no clue. So that tells me if the dealer is in on it, and the pitboss knows about it ... forget it! Where there is money, there is corruption. I saw him do so many peaks... after every round he would look at his watch... turn the deck over and peak... that i knew about already because i can do that myself and deal seconds. I'm not that good because sometimes i make a mistake and get stuck, but if it works, you can't tell, but you could hear it. FFFFT! ;)

Sometimes it seems the dealer gets toooooooooooo many miracle hands AT THE RIGHT TIME WHEN YOU HAVE A LARGE BET OUT... it might be random.. but i've seen cheating in action, so i know (at least to myself) it goes on. All I know is this, the cards DON'T know what you're betting.......... but the dealer does...

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We call that "slippin the 5" or 6 whatever.... The junk gambling sites would always severly criticize me whenever I spoke of casino cheating. They are so unbelievably naive. I quit posting on them.

But the best of all is the Bahama hole card trick, invented in the Bahamas but flourishing in Vegas. The dealer gets two cards and always turns the high card up. You never see the peek but you cannot beat that game! I caught them red handed at Caesars Vegas. The pit boss said it was legal and that he taught his dealers that but the Casino MGr. chastised the pit boss and made him give everyone their buy in back. But how many times did I NOT catch them???

Some island dealers always play that way. Cruise ships too. They can't pull that in AC because the first dealer card is always dealt up. And why not? The ONLY reason for dealing both cards down (Vegas style) and then turning one up is to allow the dealer to cheat. What other explanation is there? How rampant is it? I'd say extremely in Vegas. It will turn up with the new dealer at any table in Vegas the casino is losing at.

How do you stop it? The only way I know is Look the dealer square in the eye and say" Turn the FIRST card up this time or I'll break your arm".

We've even had dealers on here who STILL claim that its legal. They need to read the rules.

It makes you start wondering about a lot of games you've played doesn't it. Sometimes when NOTHING is working right, THAT is why!

The Bahama hole card trick! Read em and weep!

But, of course casinos would never cheat. They have their reputations to.... lol!

Those guys on the junk sites are so naive it would be a miricle if they EVER have a winning day. God help us!

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Guest adidab80

never heard of all these things before, although it's not hard to imagine they would use dirty tricks to turn things in their favour..

i guess it's a good thing i only play online, unless it turns out that there are some "deck chunking" online too... when i've played in vegas i just do it for fun and i go in there assuming that whatever budget I bring in, is not coming out with me...

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