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Private Membership Drive / Save!

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Private Membership Drive / Save!

As most know, our current pricing for private Baccarat forum lifetime membership is $500 plus $100 annual dues.

We are forming a new SKOR class where we are currently waiving the $100 annual dues so that full lifetime membership is only the one time $500 fee.

To get this class off to a running start we are preparing a SKOR For Beginners presentation designed to the benefit of brand new players. Every term used is fully defined with examples included.

The idea is to get new players playing SKOR like pros literally overnight. Color coded sample games with play by play explanations are highlighted. Even if English is not your first language, we will have you playing this highly successful system in no time.

As several of the private members have already pointed out on the public forum, SKOR is the simplest successful system ever created. Even our most experienced players have switched to it.

You will never get a better opportunity anytime, anywhere.

If you would like to join this class AND get full access to all of the private forum simply double click my name, above left, and private message me your user name and email address. Then simply await further instruction.

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In a related subject, For years I have been unwilling to accept memberships from strictly On line casino players. This was because of the extremely poor reputation of online casinos. There were problems with rules, cheating, and payouts. However, this industry has gone a long way to clean itself up. Today we can vouch for certain on line casinos and casino types. Several of our private players have beat them and have been correctly and immediately paid off to the tune of tens of thousands of dollars.

So today we can not only accept on line players, we can also give proven guidance as to which casinos to play and which systems have been the most successful against them. So, a hearty welcome to on line players.

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it was about time, ive been watching the forum for a while and reading your info but being me myself an online player because of my physical limitations, i ve been on the arms of the online casinos for a while, im adding a link to a website this guys have been really good with me with at the begginer blackjack strategies,

if you can suggest me more i would more than glad....

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