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According to me , No. This is just a myth. He is just as likely to help you as hurt you. On average it makes no difference. If anyone rebukes you for hitting a stiff hand at third base tell them you'll keep doing so when the odds favor it and if they don't like it they can find another table.

Even i have asked the same to my friend and he has suggested to take help from some online sites like http://www.blackjackcasino21.com but this doesn't help me. May this help you.

True words are not beautiful.

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It appears that the originator names got goofed up on the last two posts. Regardless, any NBJ player knows that who's as third and how he plays makes a huge difference. NBJ is far advanced vs the site you noted. Your job at third is to control dealer breaking. One of the many problems with Basic Strategy is it seldom hits in low card high density areas of the shoe because the dealer usually gets a low up card in these areas. This greatly aids the dealer when the dealer favorable lows are left for her. Dealers can't break on all lows. This is why dealers almost never break at the mathematical 28%. Remember that all B.S. plays are calculated assuming random cards which virtually never actually happens in the real world.

Basic strategy bases all plays on the dealer up card. NBJ points out that this process attributes far too much significanse to the dealer up card. Recognize that the dealer up card is only half her hand. Her down card, ignoring the cards in play as B.S. does, is just as likely to be low as high. Two lows often make a high often making her more dangerous with a low up.

Since highs follow highs and lows follow lows more often than they mathematically should, the NBJ player at third has already made an educated assessment of the dealer's down card. He does this by noting the cards before and after the dealer's hole card. He knows that the more lows he takes out of the game the more the dealer will break. Therefore in low card favorable sections of the shoe (half the time) the NBJ third base player will favor hitting against a dealer low up card. He knows that the dealer is least likely to break in low card favorable sections of the shoe. Plus he has weighed several other factors. For instance: what is the dealer usually breaking on in this game, a high up or a low up? What is the dealer break rate so far in this game? To the benefit of all in the game, The NBJ player at third will make the best play FAR more often than the BS player.

Basic Strategy basically says: Don't think! Ignore all information in the game. Go strictly by the meaningless dealer up card on every play. "It doesn't make any difference whether you win or lose as long as you make the correct play." The casinos love it. They couldn't write a strategy more in their favor. Then the casinos prove it by winning an avg of 15% of the money bet.

NBJ says: Winning is everything! It is the only reason you are there! Use ALL the information at the table to make the best possible play every hand. THINK!

The proof of the pudding is the resulting hands won rate. The basic Strategist wins 38% of all hands played measured over tens of thousands of plays. And even that allows that he is smart enough to avoid crowded Saturday night tables where his hands won rate dips into the 20's. But alas, he isn't that smart. His book teaches "it doesn't matter when you play or where you sit."

The accomplished NBJ player wins 52% of the hands played. He does this because he knows when to play and how to play and because he is allowed to think for himself.

So, who do you want at third? Some chicken hitter or a true pro? An NBJ player at third helps everybody in the game, including himself!

Now, you can Keep playing BS by rote just like the casinos want you to and keep losing or you can order NBJ right here at half price.

One last thought. I'm barred from every casino in the land. I don't know of a single BS card counting teacher barred anywhere. They even let them teach right in the casino. Why do you suppose that is?

Try this simple experiment: Call any major casino. Say " I'm a perfect Basic Strategy Card Counter. I'd like to put 50 grand in your cage and play a few days. What can you do for me?" They'll comp you to everything and send a plane for you.

Now call any major casino and say I'm a perfect NBJ player. I'd like to put...... click..... dial tone.

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