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Daily trying to Kill the Casino.....

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I am a fan of Martin Silverthorne's Neural-Gaming-System.

However, it melts down in 4 out of 20 games and even more games are lost in using it for Blackjack.

It is a neg. progression system....5,8,13,21,35,50,75 and 100. I bought and have recently been reading Mr. Davis's BJ materials.

I must say he gives excellent advice. He knows his stuff ! I plan to marry World BJ with the Neural System.....and hopefully drop the Neural system after I get deeper into WCB.

The problem with my BJ play has been faulty table selection and NOT playing new cards. In the last 2+ weeks I have been playing new cards and not playing with " chicken Hitters. "

jesssss....I have not had a losing day since then !!!

Today, I had a weird thing happen when I was playing by myself. I was on the second neg. progression step... $15.00 and the dealer delt me two 3's.

He had a 3-up. I split my 3's and I drew two more 3's ...so...I split them two. He then flipped over two more 3's !!!! ....yep ! ....Seven 3's in a row ! I doubled down on two hands and drew two hands to 21.

The dealer busted !

How often does 7 same-value cards come up...back to back ? Why did it happen ? What kind of clumping occured ?

The 6-deck shoe was only 45 minutes old. I have never seen this before ?

MON: + $ 215.00

TUE: + $ 405.00

WED: + $ 205.00

The Casino is paying double on BJ's Mon. through Thursday 6:00AM to 7:00AM and 8:00AM to 9:00AM.

The cards are changed at 6:00AM, 11:00AM and at 7:00PM.

Thoughts ?


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Hi Jim, Gees, I never thought I'd be getting a plug from you. Thanks. Glad to see you are taking advantage of NBJ/WCB. The game suddenly becomes a whole lot easier when you know whats really going on and you know a few simple tricks of the trade.

You might try the Silverthorn prog (Fibonaci) on your high bets only on the NBJ First Base System. In other words, when you lose a high bet, next time a high bet opportunity comes up move one step up the prog. That is a safe application of the Silverthorn principle. It would take you 3 lifetimes to ever lose a prog. Plus if all is going well, you can carry over the prog from one shoe to the next. Your prog almost never gets to a 4th bet. Very safe and very lucrative. I call it an interrupted prog for obvious reasons. Try it! You'll like it!

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