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Let’s talk Baccarat, professional Baccarat!

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Baccarat is not about individual systems.

It’s not about high bets.

It's not about fancy progressions.

It's not about the other players.

Baccarat is about knowing exactly what you are doing.

The key to Baccarat, the best kept secret is Disparity!

Disparity totally controls your hands won rate

But you must look at Disparity 6 different ways:

First there are three bases of disparity:

There's Bank vs Player

There's Opposites vs Repeats

There's TB4L vs OTB4L

Each of the three bases has three possibilities:

High Disparity, low disparity, Neither

You ignore the neithers

You want to identify The STRONGEST disparity of the six

Its either strongest because its the highest or because its the lowest

Either way, you can beat it once identified

Net betting beats low disparity

Single side betting beats high disparity

You need to know Six systems, one to match each of the six disparities

If you are careful to pick the strongest, it seldom changes within a shoe.

In fact, it only changes for that shoe color when the shuffle is changed or the machine settings are changed. In fact the strongest disparity often lasts throughout the entire shift.

Example: Vegas, Gold Coast, Feb. Group trip, First game.

Six of us walked from the restaurant to the Bac pit. The first tote board we saw demonstrated very strong TB4L disparity. TB4L plays outnumbered OTB4L plays ten to 1. I KNEW we were going to win before we sat down. Net betting would be disastrous in that situation. The system to play is TB4L single side betting. That's what we played!. We won 18 out of 20 hands, $400 each in ten minutes.

That’s how you play World Class Baccarat!

That's what I teach on the private forum. That’s how my players win all their trips.

When I play alone I simply look for the strongest Disparity in the casino and play the right system at that table. I've been winning that way for 25 years. Anyone with average intelligence can do the same. Its about hands won ratio. You don't need to bet more than 2 units. You can often get away with flat betting 1 unit as we did in Vegas in that first game above. Isn’t that a whole lot more sensible than those wild progressive systems they sell on the internet that never work?

Now, I don’t expect you to understand much of what I’ve said above. What I’m describing to you is a World Class Player. I’m just giving you a glimpse of where you could be, where our students end up. We are the best players in the world. We are also the most sensible. The two go hand in hand.

Come and join us. You’ll be glad you did! We have a private membership special offer at a 90% discount. Beatthecasino.com Where The Pros Are

Join us in Vegas for the Back to Vegas Seminar

at the Crescent Dealer's School

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Can you explain the disparity again?

Sure. Disparity means difference. We are looking for a mathematical advantage in every shoe we play. And there always is one IF we can find it.

The simplest Disparity is Bank vs. Player. If there is a lot of Disparity in the shoe we are playing (excessive Banks or excessive Players) we can win very easily by just betting on the side that Disparity favors.

But just as common is little or no disparity - when Bank and Player are pretty much neck and neck throughout the shoe. One gets ahead a little then the other. Here we can get a much greater mathematical advantage by simply net betting Bank vs Player. If they stay even within about 8 we win big time. A safe U1D2 M2 betting approach will easily net us 20 units.

So already you can win most shoes just following ALL the directions in the free stuff which teaches you how to net bet. You will know which shoes to net bet and which shoes to single side (SS) bet.

So far so good. Now you know how to get a mathematical advantage out of one type of disparity. That already makes you the best player at the table because 99% of the players have no idea of what they are doing or why. Now take that advantage and multiply it by 3.

Why? Because there are 3 different Disparities. B/P is only one.

The next simplest is O/R Disparity. Opposites vs Repeats. That one is even stronger because B/P is not designed to break exactly even. Bank has about a 1.5% edge. But O/R breaks exactly even in the long run. An Opposite is when the opposite side wins. A Repeat is when the same side repeats. Now you are twice as good as anyone at the table.

So lets go to a third slightly more complex disparity. We call it O/T. That is Time Before Last vs Opposite Time Before Last. We do exactly the same with that Disparity and either Net bet it or Single Side bet it acording to whether the O/T Disparity is low or high.

You can go to more Disparities if you like but three is usually more than enough.

Every shoe ever dealt has a trend when you look at all three disparities. Your job, with a little help from the private forum, is to determine the STRONGEST disparity and then match the strongest betting approach to that disparity.

Therefore EVERY shoe ever dealt can be beat by the right system. This is why it pays handsomely to know more than one system and more than one betting approach.

Every time you select the right system according to the strongest Disparity you win. And every time you add the strongest betting approach to that system you win the most possible.

Baccarat CAN be beat. But you must know exactly what you are doing and why. That's what we teach on the private forum. And you can see by the comments from the private members they are all learning how to win. That is why no one ever quits us. Everyone who finds us stays with us. We've been doing this successfully for 25 years. And we have the trip reports to prove it.

You won't see trip reports on other sites period. Let alone group trips where every member won and sometimes every shoe. Let alone the fact that they did all this never betting more than 2 units. We are the best there is and we are the best there is by far. We are the ONLY site teaching our methods and our methods are the best there are. All other sites are mere wannabes. They try to copy us but simply can't. They don't have the experienve or the skills. They live in a world of misconceptions and old wives tales and think that higher bets are the solution to everything. Try them and you'll soon see. Everyone eventually ends up here with us.

E. Clifton Davis

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Hi Keith, I purchased the instant download system 40 manual yesterday. How can I access it, because they gave an error message saying it wasn't available for download.

Welcome to the group Clark! Once you have S40 down pat, you are half way to S40A. 40 is good but 40A is the best.

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RIght Ellis netbet, what i really see over here the OR count seem to break even most of the time and i was wondering how to beat the hell out of this when it kept getting even, ill netbet a try on my next trip, can i ask you one question Ellis, ok we use U1D2 M2 limit to 5 on each side??, and do we stop betting either which ever side has 2-3 losses? Thanks

OK, well done! It was sharp of you to note that the OR count is breaking close to even. I would expect this with factory preshuffled cards once they have good experience. Net betting O vs R is probably best but you might want to also check out TB4L vs OTB4L and see which seems strongest most often. Yes, you would suspend a prog after 2 or 3 losses. The best way to decide between 2 or 3 losses is track whether the 3rd bet would have mostly won or mostly lost and decide accordingly. Right, don't go more than 5 unless you can do so on THEIR money with money to spare. Good luck but it sounds like you've got a pretty good grip on things. Good work!

Yes, U1D2 M2 is fine but you might want to start a little less aggressive until you see things going your way. You might want to start with a max of 4 with no M2. Once you get up to U1D2 M2 - 5, 20 is a good stop win but decide by how well you are doing in the shoe at hand.

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Once a casino is buying preshuffled cards, they are going to complain if shoes get too streaky or too choppy. That may make them susceptible for net betting O vs R. Casinos are smart but sometimes they outsmart themselves.

BTW, net betting O vs R the TTs are the best thing that can happen.

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