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I stayed at Bellagio a week ago and their mini-baccarat table games were $100 minimums but I found a Baccarat machine there. Eight players could play at once. I played it and did well. I won 12-18 units the three times I played it. I think it was a $5-$1000 bet spread. Since it was my first time playing these systems for real money I found it a little more comfortable. Has anyone ever played them and do you know of other casinos that have it?


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I've played on a "mechanical baccarat machine" in Macau and was just blown away with it. If the Starship Enterprise had a bac machine on it, this would have been it.

The precision and fluid moves of the entire mechanism was really something to see and evidently it was fully accepted by the Asian players as each of the machines was packed full at each station and then some.

I initially went over just to watch it perform, but once I could actually get a seat in, I really enjoyed it.

For those of you who have never seen one, they use real cards in real time. The only thing missing is the dealer! It is amazing to watch.

I would love to see one show up near me in any of the casinos. I'd play on it for sure.


PS Congratulations on your wins!

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