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[Recommendation] Any good online casino for baccarat?

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Normally we would pull the links from these messages but it appears that this one has some good information to read.

Just today I got another call from Bet Phoenix asking me to make a deposit with a huge bonus for the upcoming March Madness thing.

They have been calling about every three days now even though I only have a play account over there at this time.


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Is there a difference between playing live and playing online?



Welcome aboard! Glad to see people posting up here.

Anyway, to answer your question it would good to distinguish between playing "online" and playing a live table "online".

There are lots of places to play online but only in an RNG (computer generated) game. Most regular players will not play the online computer games as it's not a true, "live" game.

However, the live dealt shoes at several places (Black Orchid, Bet Phoenix, DublinBet, Venezia, etc) are live dealers in realtime and for most purposes can be considered "live dealt hands".

My nearest casino for baccarat is a little over an hour away on a good day so I do have access to live tables, but for a lot of practice, I'll head to the previously mentioned places for "live" play.

There are a few thousand messages all over the internet either saying RNG (computer) games are just fine and just as many saying they wouldn't bet a dime on an RNG game if it was the last one in town.

I used to play the RNG games but saw some odd things that I just couldn't believe would happen in a normal time frame so my PERSONAL choice is to not play them.

I don't have any problems with playing the live dealt online games though but as I'm a US player, I can't really play for money, only fun.

However, it is very good practice and you can pace yourself to the timing of the game at hand.


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Thank You for the explanation. I will try to be careful.

But anyway, I will follow the members here and play with online live shoes to be safe.

When time permits, I will play a shoe and ask for advise to make sure I am playing it the

right way.

Thanks a bundle. Chat soon.


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Guest NBAProCapper


As far as i am concerned betpheonix is not a scam. I have bet thousands of dollars there over the 2-3 years and never had problems with payouts. (I USE ALOT OF SPORTSBOOKS 20+). They were also once backed by matchbook which is one of the biggest online marketplace sports betting sites out there.

There are lots of sportsbook now which over live casino baccarat the problem comes down to choosing the right one. If you haven't signed up yet you should consider finding an affiliate that offers you a kickback on your losses (you can pm me if you want more information on this).

This way if you have a losing month you will get some of your losses back. Although using the strategies on this forum you probably wont encounter that. If you feel uncomfortable with a online casino its best to post in here first or you could PM me the site name and i could update you on how trustworthy sites are provided that are attached to a sportsbook.


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