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Well California, in the real world casinos I play such as Gold Strike, Tunica, they only deal 3 hands to a head to head single deck player and even less to multiple players. As I'm sure you know, this makes card counting in single deck completely useless.

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In fact, both single deck and multi deck card counting were destroyed by the casinos careful placement of the cut off card and the introduction of multideck BJ. They did those things precisely to destroy any card counting advantage. The proof of this is the fact that the many BJ card counting sites on the internet put together cannot produce a single bottom line winner after expenses at the end of the year. EVERYone is on the wrong side of the standard deviation. Casinos are now the biggest promoters of card counting, even financing movies to help promote card counting. Tell any major casino that you are the best card counter in the world and you'll put $50,000 in their cage. They will send a plane for you!

NBJ players have been far outperforming card counters for many years.

As it is currently taught on the internet, card counting cannot win in the long run.

It is frought with glaring mathematical errors that students of card counting overlook blinded by wishful thinking.

But there is a far better card counting method called "0 Proximity" card counting that corrects the mathematical flaws of traditional card counting and gives the player a much greater true player advantage. It puts your card counting skills to far better use. And it is easy to understand why 0 Prox counting works so much better.

I have had hundreds of requests by unsatisfied card counters to take a short vacation from my Baccarat forum and write a comprehensive, purchasable manual on O Proximity card counting. We are talking a very modest fee here as teaching is a hobby to me now, not a profession.

While it is a big leap to switch from traditional card counting to NBJ play, it is only a very simple step to switch from traditional card counting to 0 Proximity card counting. I'll even teach you a far more effective way to count in the bargain.

So what makes me qualified to teach you?

As a retired Math Professor I played the toughest BJ game in the world Atlantic City 8 deck more than 3 years full time W/O a single losing day. Show me a card counter, or anyone else, that can do that. No, I didn't cheat.

I have also performed hundreds of live casino BJ exhibitions in front of large audiences. Show me a card counting teacher who will let you watch him play even once. No, I never lost in exhibition play. Thousands watched those exhibitions. My best performance was TaJ 1 wherein I won $10,000 in less than a half hour W/O ever betting more than two $100 units. When Jerry Patterson complained that he missed Taj 1 I did it again two weeks later - again $10,000 in less than a half hour W/O betting over two units with Jerry and Nancy watching every play right over my shoulder. Show me a card counter that can do THAT!

But if you are interested in O Prox counting this is not the thread. I'll start a new thread on 0 Prox counting.

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