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Once more to run the gauntlet at Immokalee.

Had some misgivings about this trip, but the wife and friend wanted to go so it was planned for the Monday afternoon thing once all the "civic and social" chores were done. Too many meetings around here anyway and I needed to get out.

They actually had three people at the table when I sat down and bought in.

Glanced at the card on my left and it appeared to be OK for starting Maverick with an RD1 using 1211234 as the play.

It started negative and just drifted on down to -9 at hand 20 at which time I had to pull the plug as NUSAP was pointing to OTB4L a bit so I made the change. I think I'm still having trouble with Maverick finding a suitable place to move to F2/F3.

Anyway, NUSAP (running U1D2M1) brought it back up to -2 by hand 40 and actually finished the shoe at +2, no doubt thanks to a timely intervention of a P(11) run at the finish!

I gave Maverick another start in the second shoe as I just can't believe I would screw it up like the first shoe.

It went much better at the start but still hit -6 at hand 23 and once again I elected to bail out and get back to NUSAP.

Hit hand 40 at +8 and got out at hand 70 at +15! That's a 21 unit turnaround.

I'm thinking that one of MY problems running Maverick is that the 1211234 system play is leaving me in a weak position early on in the shoe and it's not recovering, mainly due to my inadequate sense of when to drop the RD1 and move to Fx. I'm tending to think that a stronger wagering platform (U1D2M1 as opposed to 1231234) will help my session work here.

Mark has mentioned that once your bankroll is sufficient to support the "losing 6 and 7" runs, which it currently is, then going to U1D2M1 and similar is the next level. I did record on the card that Maverick's long loser was only 3 but it was separated by only a single win so the net on those was pretty bad. Losing the second bet a lot just killed me, 2 units at a time.

My play under NUSAP was pretty much as described by PJ's posts except after the two losses, I would paper play until a win to restart the live betting. Kind of an U1D2M1 Skip to a circle type of play.

So, it wasn't all that bad of a session except I'd like to get back to winning earlier in the shoe instead of working my butt off to salvage a bad start!!

The wife and her friend were out of money and looking for dinner, which the casino nicely comped, so I was done for the night.


Shoe #1 (Mid entry)




Shoe #2





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