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About table selection- Ellis

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I received this question from Miclus via PM and thought we need a thread on this important subject.

My local casino changes new cards after every shoe.

Is table selection still feasible?

This is an excellent question Miclus. In fact, so good that I think I'll start a new thread with it

because we are not spending enough time on table selection and other basics. Look for your answer there.

I'll title it the same way: "About Table Selection".

OK, here we are:

Miclus, before I can answer your question adequately I need to know a little more:

Are we talking Big Bac or Minibac?

Do the new cards come to the table in 8 1 deck boxes or

in one big 8 deck box (factory preshuffled cards)?

For instance, the center room row of 8 Minibac tables at Gold Coast, Vegas is factory preshuffled cards

using new cards every shoe

while the row of 8 minibac tables against the wall uses "Boxed card order" cards and reshuffles the same cards all day.

Also, about how many tables does your casino have open at once?

Now, I'll try to answer your question either way.

Big Bac often uses new cards every shoe but they are regular singlely boxed individual decks in boxed card order. Here the crew goes through a complete card prep before each shoe employing a wash. A short (30 sec ) wash means they are going for streak. A long (1 minute wash) means they are going for chop. They ALWAYS get what they are going for. Certain crews often produce similar cards. Therefore instead of table selection per say you are actually often using crew selection once you know the type of shoe a particular crew usually creates.

But I doubt if that conforms to YOUR situation.

I suspect that YOUR casino is dealing new cards every shoe at minibac tables. Then they are likely using factory preshuffled cards to save time. Is that right?

If that is the case, you can take advantage by noting what kind of shoe these preshuffled cards usually generate- if any. For instance, MensaMadness sent us many shoes from such a casino in Australia. Every shoe STRONGLY favored chop.

This MIGHT be the case at YOUR casino. Therefore your first step should be to note if there is any consistency in the type of shoe presented.

If they AREN'T preshuffled cards then a card prep MUST be employed. Same thing - A certain card prep generates a certain shoe type. Either way, I think you are beginning to see what you need to look for.

If you find ANY consistency we can tell you how to beat that casino regardless what consistency you find.

Any questions?

Guys, use this thread for any table selection questions or observations.

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From the two times I've seen the card prep at our place, around 11am they break open a box that has 8 single decks in it. Each deck is then fanned out, counted and place to the side. After all eight decks have been checked, they are hand washed then placed into the two tier shuffle machine.

I'll try to get there at a civilized time one of these days and watch it a bit closer, just to make sure.


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Q: Are we talking Big Bac or Minibac?

A: I'm not sure. Don't recall seeing the names Big Bac or Minibac.

Some of the big tables allow highest bettor to reveal the cards.

Small tables have 1 extra option to bet on super six (B6 15:1)

The tables with 30 sec touch screen bet time is called Rapid Baccarat.

Q: Do the new cards come to the table in 8 1 deck boxes or in one big 8 deck box (factory preshuffled cards)?

A: 1 big 8 deck box for all tables.

Q: Also, about how many tables does your casino have open at once?

A: Rapid Baccarat 3 tables. 1st floor Big tables at least 20.

I notice Small tables only open on public holidays & weekends. About 10.

The prep they do:

Cut the new cards 1 time. Sometimes they let 1 of the players do it.

Then draw 1 card and burn X no of cards according to the 1st card points. 10 J Q K = burn 10 cards instead of 0.

No wash or shuffling done.

No consistent table trend observed. Except 1 session where it started streaky in the late morning & afternoon then choppy in the evening.

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