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Ok, I am a newbe. I admit. What is O/T count?

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I have been looking and performing numerious searches. Cannot find it.

What is O/T count? What does it stand for (sometimes helps me remember what it is)?

How is it calculated.

Thanks all


Welcome aboard! It is a bit chaotic for the first few weeks in here and believe me, we've all been there!

If you'll spend some time reading back into the older messages, you'll most probably come up with most of the answers that you be having in the next few days. There are many really good messages back there and your particular question had a thread from November of last year. Here it is.....


We use mostly 2 kind of counts:

CS or OR: this means chop/streak or opposite/repeat.

you add +1 for every opposite and -1 for every repeat

O/T: this means OTBL/TBL (opposite time before last/time before last).

in poor words you add -1 when you see repeat after a repeat OR an opposite after opposite and +1 when you see an opposite after a repeat or a repeat after an opposite.

Both are very important for giving you the direction of the shoe.



Like I said, spend a lot of time reading and picking up the information and it will pay off in the long run.

With that said, feel free to ask about anything that needs clarification or just something you don't understand.


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One more question, when you see ZZ run and TT run, what does that mean?


Nevermind. Found it.

TT - Terrible two's - Outcome pattern of BBPP or PPBB or BBPPBB Pattern of two in a row, followed by two in a row.( BBBB PP BB PP BB PP BB PP BB PPPPPP). The terrible two's start after the 4 banks and ends before the six players.

ZZ - Zig Zag (runs) - Any combination of two or more opposites in a row BPBPBP or PBPBPBP or PBP First set is a zig zag run of six, second is a zig zag run of seven, third ex. Is a zig zag run of three(which has two opposites) Zig zag runs occur at the same frequency as straight runs occur.

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