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Re: ADOT System - Inspired by Ellis

"To all members

Please use this system to test as many shoes as possible and post some feed back, so that we might make it even a better system.

Post your results, high score, low score, finish, highest bet amount, etc.


NormA "

THANKS to Prof Ellis, PJ, NormA, and all members who contributed in getting this system going.

This is my first table bet using this system, it is sophisticated and yet so simple to remember and use on a Bac table inside the Casino.

As requested, I am attaching a Score card using the ADOT system.

Start betting from Play # 6. SAP value shows 3's is above average, use OTB4L.

After loosing bet on play#7, I skip and then go OTR for the next 3 bets.

On play #11 the SAP value is MC for both 3's and 4's+.

Still continue OTB4L.

On play#15 the 2nd Lost which I skipped, that was the 4th circle of a ZZ run.

So on play #16, go on OTR again until play#19, when I changed to AD mode all the way till the play#38.

Maximum bet is 3 chips. Never go into minus .

Win after (38-5=33) 33 hands is 13 chips (13x25)=$325.00cts

With a capital of 20chips, that is a 65% ROI, in only a short time.

Hope this is useful for your Library & feedback.

Cheers & Goodluck to All.


Quote" Winnings are Mannas from Heaven, take only enough for your daily needs "

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Congratulations Grat,

Thanks forposting up this card. Very nice job with ADOT. Just one suggestion. Remember we don't count the first event unless it is a 4 or more. We just don't know if it is a 1 or 2 or 3 because we can't see how it started.

Keep us informed about your play with ADOT,



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