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Hollywood Casino Blackjack

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The new Hollywood casino at Penn National racecourse in Grantville PA offers some big win opportunities with respect to their Blackjack games. They offer six deck continuous shuffle games and eight deck shuffle master in addition to some hand shuffled games. The table minimums start at $15 on off nights and are normally $25 min on peak nights and when the casino is crowded. The good news is that they have 6ix player spots at the tables rather than the AC standard of 7 player games.

The difference in these games and why we see some winning activity is two fold I feel. On the the hand shuffled games they do a stutter shuffle and ripple the cards three times. In AC you will only see a stutter shuffle with 2 ripples. The additional ripple reduces the clumping frequency to a beatable game when combined with only a 6 player table. Now the game is predictable but only to a point of where you can win instead of a typical AC game when they are so predictable you know why you are going to loose. First and third base strategy play well, I was favoring first base strategy.

For those of you who are interested in playing there make sure you pick up a copy of New Blackjack before you play there. While there are some"TARGET" tables that you still see in the end they beat the basic strategy player if they stay long enough. For those who are interested playing with us if you are an NBJ player Ellis and myself will e visiting the casino on August 12-16th

Let me know if you want to meet us there too.


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Henry, I was just pointing out to Andrei that all casinos have table minimums, including Hollywood where I frequently play. He seems to think there are casinos with no table mins. There are no such casinos. Yes, Hollywood is a nice casino and sometimes has good BJ games.

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