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Hollywood Casino with Ellis and Keith

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I was great to meet up with Ellis and Keith. Haven't seen Ellis in a long time. We stayed at keith's house and they worked the 40/F2/RD1 program for 2 days at the Hollywood casino. I didn't feel ready to play, but gave Ellis the money, like in the old days and let him do the playing. very impressive 2 days of action. I was amazed how they very precisely swithced from one tactic to the other, surgically plucking profit in every shoe played, without ever getting into high betting or trouble. Well done and thanks for the winnings Ellis. Take care.


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Yes, it was like old times! Ron watched every play and also shadow played his own system on his own card and compared. He got to some pretty high bets like 17 units at one point. But in the end, I'm pretty sure I beat him every shoe W/O betting more than 5.

Ron D. the author of PBJ, is a highly experienced player and knows a good system when he sees it. With his money and my brains.....

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The only worse scenario for a Casino Mgr than a group of guys playing together and killing every shoe is to also have yet another guy standing behind them and back betting on their hands and also killing every shoe.

So there is Ron just standing there with a big smile on his face, doing nothing and killing every shoe. I'm going to have to rethink how it all worked out. At least I made him buy the Scotch later.

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