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greetings from Singapore

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Dear all

Hello! Greetings from Singapore in Asia.

It is an exciting year for Singapore, for a population of 5million and land area of 700sq km, we opened 2 casinos in Feb (RWS owned by Genting Grp of Malaysia) and Apr (Marina Bay SANDS - need i say more?)

God knows how I found my way to this forum, most interesting to read about the systems. The system worked well at 3 or 4 shoes according to my research done today, kudos to E. Clifton Davis.

Keep up the good work and lets enjoy Baccarat!:tongue:

Best regards,

ace-eight (= Natural Nine!)

ps: if there are any fellow members who reside in Singapore, lets stay in touch (:

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I just made a copy of Keith's post from another thread for you guys:


I wanted to take a moment and invite you back to join BeatTheCasino.com. Ellis and myself are dedicated to making winning players and are willing to do whatever it takes to give you the personal attention it takes to insure your success (please note this is a personal email message and not a list message).

I am sure if Baccarat or Blackjack is your game, you will find our approaches the best you have ever read. We are hearing so much winning activity on our radical System 40 approach that we will be raising the price shortly so the market doesn't get saturated and Casinos are forced to react.

To get your copy of System 40 register for free at BeatTheCasino.com and then follow this link

http://beatthecasino.com/forum/payments.php. Beat the price increase by joining today.

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terrell palmer here. i just ordered the system 40 manual. i'm in tulsa oklahoma and would like to network with any one in this area.

I may be one of the closest to you. Just finger straight East across your map and stop at Hardy AR, just below the MO line. I know of the casinos in OK but do they have Baccarat?

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