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Any Players in Florida

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I am interested in meeting up with any players who play at Hard Rock in Hollywood or at Hard Rock in Tampa. My goal is to evaluate the Bacarrat 40 system.

I play at the Hard Rock in Immokalee from time to time, like when the wife says it's time to use up all of her free play and things like that.

Neither one of us is big on the Tampa casino. It just never feels right for either of us.

Haven't played the Hollywood Hard Rock but the holiday visiting season is rapidly coming in on us so we'll be over there later in the year.


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Thanks for the reply. I spoke to Keith and he suggested I post in this forum. Immokale is about 2 1/2 hours away from me. I am seriously interested in evaluating the Bacarrat System. I would be willing to drive down there if you are playing the system there some day. My e-mail address is princeton40@hotmail.com. Contact me there if possible.


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About the only time I get to the B&M casino now is when we have to pick up somebody from the airport or if I'm making a run coming back from skydiving at Clewiston.

You should be able to get some good testing in online at any of the live, free casinos I would think. That's where I get my timing and system play down before going "live" with it in the casinos.


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